How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?

The era of the Decembrists, whose wives followed their husbands into exile and the block, has sunk into oblivion. Today, one can often find adultery, accompanied not only by male adultery, but the lack of chastity in women. However, there are still sincere feelings that are able to pass the test of time and distance. A vivid example of this phenomenon is the meeting of a guy from the army, whose beloved waited for her lover, despite the variety of temptations in the modern world.

How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?

Preparatory procedures

For a girl who with due chastity coped with a destined fate, it is important to take into account in the preparation for the long-awaited meeting all the nuances and subtleties:

  • Visit the beauty salon to take advantage of the services of a nail technician and stylist. Visual transformation will make you feel confident. The beloved will definitely appreciate the exquisite manicure, curls developing in the wind and harmonious makeup.
  • Make an appointment with a chiropractor or go to a massage center to relax and put your own nervous system in order. Before the meeting of the chosen one, it is important to find peace of mind and tranquility, so as not to think about pressing problems on the solemn day of arrival.
  • Arrange a pre-planned shopping, to get an elegant dress for a responsible event. Do not forget about the accessories - buy a shiny brooch or an intricately shaped hair pin, purchase a designer watch or a decorative bezel. Pay special attention to the choice of underwear, because after a long separation, a man will always want to retire with his beloved.How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?
  • Arrange for a day-off with your boss in advance, eliminating the risk of an emergency call to work. The beloved will never understand the scale of the reasons because of which the woman he loved did not find time to meet the guy at the station.
  • The day before the arrival of the newly-minted military man, meet up with her friends to speak out and get rid of negative thoughts. A man should not notice on the day of the meeting of your experiences.In order not to spoil the holiday, postpone the solution of problems for the near future, with the support of your beloved demob.
  • Contact the parents of your man in advance to discuss the nuances of meeting a son and a boyfriend. To insist on privacy with the chosen one is an irrational decision, because the mother and father have every right to spend time with the child who returned from the army. It’s another thing if understanding parents themselves offer you to retire after a short feast. In this situation, discuss with your mother the time and options for meeting her lover at the station, the number and names of dishes on the holiday table, plans for the day and evening. Do not forget who you are talking to - it is recommended that you agree with a caring mother and not argue.
  • See your friends in advance to inform them of your upcoming arrival. If you have conceived to make a surprise to your defender, then use the help and support of his comrades - they will definitely meet you.
  • When the well-established plan of meeting the guy is already visible, you can go to the store for gifts to your beloved.Acquiring expensive products is an inexpedient choice, because for a long time of separation a guy could have secret desires about which you still do not know. Buy a symbolic gift designed to remind a man of this day. You can buy a mug with the symbols of your pair, give him a worn accessory or a purse, make a bracelet for the chosen one with your own hands - fantasize, taking into account the preferences and hobbies of the intended one.

How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?

A man will definitely appreciate your marks of attention, care and effort spent in the preparatory process. However, do not be surprised if you only find out about it the next day - at the time of arrival the guy’s emotional state will not allow him to reasonably rationalize and lead the conversation. He will be sincerely glad to see close people, the chosen one, parents and friends, literally losing the gift of speech.

Meeting with the beloved man, who returned from the army, is comparable to the first date - both partners are overwhelmed with excitement. There is no need to cope with emotional over-excitement, succumb to the impulse of feelings and enjoy each other

Options for meeting a guy from the army

In the XXI century, modern girls, waiting for the guys from the army, arrange entire concerts for their lover at the railway stations. Tears of joy and sincere surprise of the chosen one are the main awards for the glory of the tried woman. If you have not yet decided how to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him, then use one of the following options:

  • Meet the lover on the platform with welcome banners, balloons and music sounding on the territory of the Russian Federation on Victory Day - May 9th. On the posters, write uncomplicated phrases: “We meet a handsome man from the army”; "Waiting for my beloved soldier"; "For the year I fell in love with the military"; "I waited for my sweetheart"; "I will marry only a man in camouflage." The elect will definitely not be ready for such a turn of events, therefore he will be very surprised and embarrassed - this day will be remembered for your lover forever.
  • A popular way of meeting a guy from the army in the XXI century is video filming, which is carried out by a professional cameraman. It will capture the moment of the girl's gathering at home, the exciting expectation of the chosen one and friends on the platform, the first visual contact of lovers after a long separation, a passionate kiss, sincere joy and tears of joy.Within 2-3 days a professional will mount a video, which you will be able to review with your family for many years, indulging in a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.
  • Organize together with your lover's mom a gala dinner with relatives. Only close friends, parents and you - the people whom a man will be glad to see the most should attend at the holiday table. The menu is recommended to include the favorite dishes of the Defender of the Fatherland, which he missed in the army canteen. Arrange for the chosen one a real feast of "belly", enjoying in the process of feast its interesting stories about the service and the joys.How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?
  • A girl can “charge” a responsible mission on her fragile shoulders by gathering close friends, girlfriends and relatives of the newly-defended Homeland on the platform. It is necessary to ring the participants of the celebration in advance, to help them with solving urgent problems, so that each guest can be present at the station at the time of the arrival of the guy from the army.
  • Arrange a romantic dinner for your lover, spending the evening exclusively together. After a brief conversation with parents and friends, meetings and meals with which are transferred to other days,go to the apartment. Prepare light meals and snacks in advance, so as not to be distracted by the masterpieces of cooking. Surrender at the table of nostalgia, discuss the future, share your emotions and experiences that are inherent in people during separation.
  • The passionate and sleepless night of lovers, who after a long period of time can indulge in sexual pleasures, becomes the logical conclusion of a romantic evening. Prepare the marital bed in advance, dress up in lace underwear and enjoy the long-awaited intimacy with your beloved man, who "starved" without your society among colleagues.

How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?

In choosing a way to meet a guy from the army, be sure to consider his personal qualities, preferences and hobbies. For some men, the presence on the platform of all loved ones will be an invaluable surprise, while other soldiers will appreciate the banners and posters made by the beloved.

In drawing up the holiday menu, it is important not to overdo it. A man should see on the table favorite homemade dishes and light snacks. "Overload" the triumph of culinary masterpieces is not worth it, because the newly-defender immensely missed you first

Features of the first day's schedule after a long separation

The arrival day of a guy from the army is invariably different from all subsequent ones, so not only the girl, but also relatives, friends, and colleagues want to spend it with the newly made soldier. Understanding a man in this situation is useless, asking him leading questions is also inexpedient - the decision should be made by close people on their own. You can convene general advice or get along with a telephone conversation, during which you find out the answer to the question: How to spend the long-awaited day of meeting with your favorite soldier? In the search for various options for the development of the event, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • With a man want to see the parents, who managed to incredibly miss his boy. Taking time from the mother to the father, calculated on a conversation with his own son, is useless and fraught with adverse consequences. A guy with all due respect to you will not be able to refuse to close people in communication, because he himself missed them no less. Mom and Dad will invite you, understanding the features of a long separation. You cannot offer such a development as an alternative - you can’t call your parents for a romantic dinner.
  • With the newly baked defender, the wish to meet friends who have been waiting for a loyal friend from the army for a long time have expressed a wish. Some of the comrades of the elect also served, so they will have many topics for discussion. However, guys often do not provoke conflict situations, giving the friend on the first day to the girl - male solidarity. The main thing is to politely ask the fellow's companions not to persuade the condemned to see him on the day of his arrival. If you have a good relationship with your buddies, then they will definitely meet you.
  • Consider that the beloved spent on the road to the house for a long time, so he experiences fatigue. It is preferable to give a man a rest in a home bed that he missed. The guy will gain strength to communicate with loved ones and will be grateful for understanding, because you waited, and he lay down to sleep.
  • If you did not excel in chastity for the time allotted for the beloved's service, then it is recommended to immediately tell the truth to the man. On the continuation of the relationship, it probably will not go down, but you will be honest with the former elect.In this situation, to meet a guy from the army is a stupid act that will cause him heartache. Do not be afraid of feelings of loneliness and the reaction of a man - the soldier "child" does not hurt, so you can calm down. It is useless to explain to a beloved, returning confidence to oneself. Treason is included in the list of actions that a man will never forgive a woman.

It is not recommended to arrange a celebration from the arrival of the beloved, where soldiers who are tired from the road will feel discomfort. On this day it is important that next to the defender of the Motherland there were only close and loved people

If you have a clear conscience and bright thoughts, then the meeting of the chosen one at the station is sure to be remembered by both partners. The separation test will only strengthen the love relationship. It is not excluded that after returning from the army a man will decide on an important act - he will make you a sentence of “hand and heart”.

How to meet a guy from the army and have fun with him?

Do not hesitate at the time of the arrival of the guy from the army about the future, present and past - in a second your lover, whom you have not seen for a long time, will leave the car on the platform. Just enjoy the long-awaited meeting.

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