How to mine Herobrine in Minecraft

How to mine Herobrine in MinecraftThe Universe of Maincraft abounds in a host of fantastic creatures that give this game an entourage of mystery. A special place in the cohort of thematic characters is Herobrin (Dead Miner).


Game Minecraft 1.5.2 - Resident of the Dead Miner


Herobrin's search began from the time when the game was just gaining popularity. There was never any official information about the existence of this NPS, which, however, did not prevent the appearance of many eyewitnesses claiming that they had personally seen the mysterious Dead Miner. Over time, the crafters divided into two irreconcilable camps. One part of gamers firmly believes in the existence of a semi-mystical NPS, and even shares tips on how to cause Herobrin with the help of simple manipulations.


The opposite camp is turning its opponents at the temple, considering this non-player character to be the fruit of the advertising campaign of Marcus Persson himself, the creator of the legendary indie game.


A peculiar point in the dispute put the creators of the fashion "Herobrin"thanks to which anyone will be able to get acquainted with this amazing character.


What to do to appear Herobrin


So, for a successful call to the NPC, we need:


  • mod "Herobrin";
  • ModLoader utility for successful installation of add-ons;
  • game items;
  • installed game (not lower than Minecraft version 1.5.1).


First, download the executable file, then install the mod: EasyModInstaller.jar -> Install. As you can see, the installation of the distribution system takes place literally in two clicks.


If there is no ModLoader, the add-on installation will take a little longer. With this option, you will have to move the contents of dad to kintominecraft.jar and into.minecraft in the folders minecraft.jar and minecraft, respectively.


How to cause Herobrina directly in the game


Client mod installed and installed. We proceed to the construction of the tower, which should embody the desired character. To call us we need:


  • Hellstone (mined only in the Lower World);
  • lighter (crafted from ingots of iron and silicon);
  • Herobrin block (appears in the inventory after installing the mod);
  • two gold blocks (craft of nine gold bars);
  • pickaxe (created from two sticks and a solid mineral / metal);
  • sword (generated from stick and diamond).


The sword is not needed for construction, it will become necessary when a dead miner appears in the tower.


After all the necessary items have been collected, we place the blocks one on another, following the following sequence: gold blocks -> the Herobrin block -> block of the hellish stone. Having finished with these simple manipulations, we set fire to the infernal stone with the help of a cigarette lighter. If you did everything right, then very quickly on the hot surface ominous cuts of the eyes appear - this is the coveted NPC!


Here, in fact, the answer to the question was found: how to call the Hebrorin in Mayncraft? However, it is worth being extremely attentive, because immediately after the first signs of the appearance of a non-player character, your Alter-Ego is transferred to a closed location in which the disturbed Herobrin dwells. To finally materialize the crafter legend, you will need a light stone, which can be generated from slabs (the name of the summoned character is written on one of them). Well, when the light-stone is in your hands, you will face the Dead miner. But remember that the NPS has a very nasty character, and its impressive combat characteristics leave no chance for novices and arrogant players. In general, the success of the battle will depend on your skills and the power of the sword!


As an illustrative example, you can see the video Minecraft, which describes in detail the algorithm for calling the Dead Miner.

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