How to mod transcode

You will need
  • - the program Mod Video Converter.
The easiest way to convert is to rename a .mod file to .MPG or .AVI. This will allow video players to see it and even play it. However, most players do this with "surprises" such as image ripples, loss of sound and frame damage. Therefore, it is preferable to transcode the .mod file into a standard video format, which will certainly be reproduced by most popular video players.
To convert to MPEG-2, you can use one of the converters - for example, Mod Video Converter. This is an easy-to-use application that converts mod to almost any known audio or video format.
Install the program Mod Video Converter. It has a one-month free lifetime, and you can download it from a variety of specialized resources.
Add .mod files. To do this, click on the Open button to open the explorer window, and select the file for conversion there. Once selected, it will appear in the Output text box.Edit and cut the mod files. To do this, use the Edit button at the top of the application control panel.
Adjust the frame rate, video decoder, video output resolution and other parameters. To do this, click on the Settings button located above the Open button. In the text box to the left of the Settings button, you must select a video format from the drop-down list into which the source video file will be converted. To the right of the Settings button is the Merge into one file check box, which is worth noting if there is a need to merge the selected mod-files into a single video file.
Specify the output path for the converted file. You can do this by clicking on the icon of the open folder under the preview window of the converted video. Click on the Start button to start converting.

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