How to mark interesting February 14 in 2015?

How wonderful it is that there is at least one day a year, when everything is surrounded by romance and kindness, hearts literally hover in the air, men with bouquets of flowers rush to their lovers, and girls and women buy valentines and write beautiful lines about love .

What is this day? Of course, Valentine's Day, which is usually celebrated on February 14th. Naturally, everyone can argue: what kind of news is this, expressing your feelings, as if by order, because it is your day of love and feelings that can be celebrated, at least every day.

Important date

This is true, but still, how surprising and pleasant, at least once a year is preparing for this, so to speak, officially, do not remain outside the lot when everyone is jubilant and celebrating?

Valentine's Day in our area is a relatively young holiday, despite the fact that it has been celebrated in the USA and European countries since the 13th century, we only heard about it at the end of the last century. An interesting legend is tied to the holiday, according to which, its name came from the name of the priest Valentine, who was born in the III century of our era, in Rome.

This kind-hearted man, secret from the Roman government, which forbade his soldiers to marry, crowned lovers, for which he was executed. While the priest was waiting for his literal hour, he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer, who left a love letter before his death. They say that this was the real and the first valentine in the world, which managed to cure a poor girl.

Execution was appointed on February 14, this day the Catholic Church necessarily reveres the holy martyr Valentine, who was attributed to the saints as much as 200 years after his death.

In 2015, Valentine's Day falls on Saturday, on this day in many cities of our country various festivals, fairs and concerts will be held, couples in love begin to book good restaurants during the week, and flower shops and pastry shops will begin to actively prepare for the upcoming event. How to celebrate this holiday in a special way, so that unforgettable emotions overwhelm the soul, and emotions literally rolls over?

If this is your first joint Valentine's Day, then it is somehow easier to decide, and if not? Everything seems commonplaceboring and monotonous? We will try to offer you some interesting ideas, classical and non-standard, and which ones will be closer to you and will seem more interesting, it is up to you to decide.

How to celebrate February 14?

The traditional option.Probably not to find anything more classic than a romantic evening with lighted candles, rose petals scattered around the apartment, exotic fruits, a bottle of good wine or juice, who wants it.


To some, this option may seem too banal, but we still do not agree. Admit, you often communicate at home with candles, whisper each other tenderness and accompany it all with pleasant romantic toasts? Hardly. So why not do it for a holiday?

Good cafe.Everything is about the same, only the action moves to your favorite restaurant or cafe. Perhaps your half have long dreamed of going to some institution in the city, but somehow it did not work out, and, perhaps, you already have a favorite cherished place where you always spend a good time.

In the restaurant

Naturally, the whole action should be accompanied by beautiful flowers, cute postcards, favorite drinks and pleasant words.Who knows, maybe before the holiday you will weigh all the pros and cons, and make an important step in your life, an offer! In a beautiful restaurant, this will be real magic, although it's up to everyone to decide where and how the miracle should happen.

Love quest.Perhaps, one of the most original options, how to spend February 14, is to arrange your favorite or beloved is a real quest. Just think, your half comes home, and there, instead of the beloved, a note with the tips of the next destination is left.


The main thing is not to get carried away and not to force your lover to drive around the city, and we just make a reservation that the last envelope should contain the key and the address of the hotel room where the cherished prize will wait for the detective in love. Probably not worth telling that you must prepare for this moment. Such a non-standard way will awaken in your half the real instinct of the hunter, believe me, this holiday will be remembered for a long time!

Romantic dinner.No, it will not be standard candles and baked chicken in the oven. Let it be dinner, which you will cook together, the main thing is to do everything together: cut, mix and spread on plates, arrange the glasses and lay out napkins.

Make sure that your romantic cooking does not take long, prepare something simple, it will be especially interesting to have a table setting on a certain theme or a traditional cuisine from any of the countries.


"I have already seen it somewhere ...". They say to feel again the feeling of love and attraction, you can try to recreate some memorable and romantic day from your relationship, for example, the day you meet or meet, the day when you confess feelings to each other or decide to become husband and wife.

Choose the most significant event and try to recreate the atmosphere of that day, do everything the same as you did at that moment. For example, if you went to the cinema, then go there again, take the same places and buy popcorn, believe me, trembling feelings to return, as if you were experiencing it for the first time.

Journey.The most difficult and at the same time the most unforgettable way to spend Valentine's Day is to go on a trip! And it is absolutely not necessary to fly to Paris or Venice, it’s enough to go to a neighboring city, visit places where you have never been, maybe you should rent a room or a house somewhere, spend a special evening there, without the usual daily fuss and problems.Well, if the opportunity allows, then from longer trips your half, we think, will be completely delighted.

In Paris

What happens in the world?

If you still decide to go somewhere, it will not be superfluous to find out where you can have fun and spend your holiday time. For example, a festival of chocolate and chocolate products is traditionally held in Lviv on this day, and an exhibition of violets is organized in Kiev.

Numerous flash mobs are organized every year in Moscow, but in Paris the whole city is changing, you will be surprised how fondly this event is for the French - there all streets are literally saturated with love.

In every corner of our world, you will find something interesting and unusual on this day and it doesn’t matter what it will be, a romantic dream city in the center of Europe or a provincial, but very cozy town somewhere in the wilderness. After all, the most important thing on this holiday is real sincere emotions.

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