How to open a bakery

Decide on the location. To do this, you can ask for help in the guild of bakers and confectioners. This company can tell you the best option, without finding nearby direct competitors.
If necessary, make major repairs in the room so that it will be brought in accordance with the norms and requirements of the SES. Must be waterproof floor, shower, sink, toilet. Separate the warehouse under the raw materials and flour, whitewash the ceilings and tile over the walls.
Register the company in the necessary instances. Take this task seriously so as not to lose a lot of time. Collect all the necessary documents in the shortest time.
Take a look at the staff. To select the right team, you can contact, for example, a recruitment agency. The staff must consist of at least a technician, a cleaner, a purchaser and sales person, a baker-technologist.
Agree with cafes, restaurants and shops on the subsequent sale of your products.Your subsequent profit will depend on these negotiations. And now, when all the hard things are over, you can relax a little. If you did everything as stated above, income will not keep you waiting too long.

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