How to open a photo business

Design your business according to the rules of the law. Register your company in the unified state register and register it with the tax inspectorate. Purchase a cash register, it is also necessary to legitimize the tax authorities. Get a current account for your company and contact the pension fund for registration.
Find a suitable place to host your photo studio. It is best to pick up a room, albeit small, but located on a territory with a large man’s passage. Now make a studio showcase, because that is what will attract customers to you. Create some dynamic photos: children, beautiful women, couples in love or touching pensioners. It is important to place on the showcase photos that are made exactly in your studio. In this case, customers will expect in advance of a certain quality, which is much more attractive than unsubstantiated promises.
Come up with a sonorous name for your studio.This will help you to be heard by clients, which is especially important in conditions of increased competition. Place a billboard next to the room, print business cards and stamp envelopes for ready-made photos, which will allow you to quickly remember your name.
Purchase the necessary equipment and props. Be prepared for the fact that taking pictures using only incandescent bulbs does not always work out, so get a technique with a high-quality flash. Prepare several variations of the background for shooting, as well as several carnival and festive costumes for shooting children. If the size of the room does not allow you to store a lot of props, buy removable color filters for the camera. In this case, the studio is better to arrange in white, because it reflects the light better. Do not forget to organize a convenient place to wait for customers.

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