How to organize a service center in 2018

You will need
  • - room;
  • - instruments;
  • - phone.
First you will need to decide how you will work. You can enter into an agreement with a particular company that produces a particular brand, and serve the customers of this exclusive shop. But you will have a big profit if you have contractual relations with several brands. The disadvantage here is only that you will not be able to hang the sign of a particular manufacturer at the entrance to your center. You also have the opportunity to work independently and repair everything: from mobile phones to large household appliances.
Rent a room. By and large, in this case there is no need to choose the most passable place, since you will be found through advertisements and recommendations. But the center should be in an easily accessible area, and not on the outskirts of the city, so that customers can easily get to.
Purchase the tools and test equipment necessary for the repair of household appliances and electrical appliances. Organize a workplace for the master and the operator who will take orders and answer the phone. Best of all, if these workers will be in different rooms, so that the master is not distracted from his hard work.
Organize a call center. Sign a contract with a mobile operator who will provide you with a number convenient for both memorization and calls from mobile and landline phones. An operator who will answer calls and receive equipment from customers should always be courteous with people. This is the first and practically the only person with whom the customers of your center will communicate, therefore, it depends more on it whether they will come to you again and whether your service will be recommended as a professional and the best in the city.

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