How to organize home fitness classes?

As you probably already know, I treat people who constantly want to improve their body. For me, playing sports is a pleasure. I love to spend time in the gym. By the way, many of my friends also followed my example and now go to a fitness club.

Kindly I'm a little jealous of thin young ladies, they do not really have to wrap around the figure, but on the other hand I do not understand them. After all, having a slim figure by nature, they do nothing to make it better, or worse start, eat a lot, and through time turn into real hamsters with big tummies. I know so many. Of course, this is the personal right of everyone to keep fit or not. But, I want to say that the weight is very easy to dial, it's not even noticeable, but to reset is a big problem.

Often, from my acquaintances I hear the same thing: "I want to lose weight, engage in laziness or once, there is no time, it's expensive, and so on." As for me - there would be a desire.

It became cold outside, so now I have moved from running and training outside to fitnessclub. But, to me, honestly, there are few lessons in the club. Every day I try to do a set of exercises at home. This is certainly not as convenient as in a specially equipped hall, but better than nothing. Doing fitness at home is very real!

Now on the Internet there are many video lessons of various trainings, both for beginners and for professionals. Browse and choose what you like and try. I tried to do different types of physical activity: callanetics, yoga, I did not like, for me it is somehow boring.

I like dynamic exercises, so that after training all muscles are reduced. Six months ago, a video fitness course from American trainer Gillian Michaels caught my eye. This is exactly what I need. Cool lessons, trainer gives excellent load, offers options for doing exercises for beginners.

I studied for a month according to her lessons, the result is good. Honestly in the hostel for five years I was already tired of the lack of space. Somehow you can’t do a lot of exercises and legs when you are running around roommates.But, at the first opportunity, I am happy to study lessons from Jillian Michaels. I believe that if there is a desire to lose weight, and with self-control, everything is in order, you can quickly achieve a good result.

For classes at home, it is not necessary to have a simulator, although I would not have refused :). You’ll have enough of a special rug, which, by the way, I’ll replace with a rolled up curtain, and a pair of 1.5 kg dumbbells. And yet, the main thing is your desire to lose weight.

I like to work out at home even more than in a fitness club. I know well what my body needs, I treat myself objectively, I know my shortcomings, and I am actively working to eliminate them. So it's real to do fitness at home!

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