How to overcome spring fatigue

The reasons for the appearance of spring fatigue are not so few. Here are the main ones:

  • failure of a biological rhythm;
  • change in atmospheric pressure;
  • food restriction (for those who decide to lose weight by the summer);
  • wrong sleep and wakefulness.

The appearance of spring fatigue can be judged by the following signs: increased fatigue, even in the absence of physical exertion, decreased attention, insomnia, unreasonable anger and aggression, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Fighting increased fatigue can and should be. For this there is a whole list of activities. First of all, you need to revise yourdiet. Each meal should be balanced, the presence of complex carbohydrates is necessary. In the early days of spring, it is better to abandon diets, so as not to expose the body to unnecessary stress.

To avoid the appearance of headaches, fatigue and decrease in concentration, it is necessaryincrease the amountdrunkliquidsOnly this should be clear water, green tea or herbal teas. Consumptioncaffeinepreferably as much as possibleto limit. Coffee in large quantities can lead to the opposite result.

When sedentary work shouldtake breaksevery 2-2.5 hours, it is necessary to blur the stiff muscles.

Travel by public transport can be replacedwalking. It's enough to go 1-2 stops earlier.

Healthy, full sleep- a pledge of cheerfulness and well-being throughout this nya. Regular lack of sleep only exacerbates fatigue. Reduced attention and performance may be due to lack of sleep.

Spring is the time of beriberi, most of the population suffers. To avoid this problem, you needenter into the diethow canmore fresh fruits, vegetables and greens.You can purchase synthetic vitamins at the pharmacy.

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