How to pacify anger

Just prohibiting yourself emotions and feelings, blocking them is a cardinal mistake. If feelings arose, it means that there were grounds for that. So for starters, just allow yourself to experience the whole range of feelings and emotions; admit to yourself in your experiences. Spelling words that you are experiencing, already greatly reduces the degree of experience. Sometimes the phrase: “I'm madly angry right now” has a striking soothing effect.

Always remember that there is a difference between emotions and actions under their influence. For example, being angry is quite acceptable. But to arrange a fight because of this - no longer. After recognizing your feelings, you must let off steam. Any negative emotion needs physical relaxation. Otherwise, you risk getting health problems. Emotions trapped inside lead, for example, to heart disease.

Therefore, look for an acceptable version of the physical expression of anger: perhaps you will tear the paper, beat unnecessary dishes or boxing after work. The first discharge of emotions is desirable directly during how you are angry. Retire if those around you are embarrassed.It is also better to leave if the situation concerns a relationship with a small child: this way you will not frighten him and avoid the possibility of directing your anger towards him. Scream, beat the pillow - do what your body asks, until you feel that the anger subsides. Do not be afraid that it will last forever. Sooner or later you will begin to calm down.

For the delayed discharge of accumulated anger and irritation any sport is perfect. Remember that anger is energy that accumulates in the muscles and that must be spent in the right direction.

Another great way to deal with your irritation and anger is humor. Put the situation into a joke, laugh at it; you will immediately feel the anger disappearing. Humor is a purely human ability with a tremendous psychotherapeutic effect. A person who knows how to treat everything with a healthy sense of humor is much more healthy mentally and protected than one who always takes everything to heart.

The basic rule to pacify raging emotions is to allow yourself to experience them and find your own way to express them physically or to find an opportunity to treat the situation with humor.

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