How to paint a bag with your own hands: ideas and master class

First, some photos for inspiration. Bags - Pictures from Tina (TmTini) from Kiev. Painting handbags made with acrylic paints.

Now try to paint the bag yourself:

With this master class from Elsa Larson / Elsie Larson, you can create just such a lovely bag with legs in striped tights and daisies.

What is needed?

  • canvas or cotton bag
  • paint for fabric
  • simple pencil
  • thin and medium tassels
  • board

How it's done?

  • Put the board in the bag. It is necessary that the paint does not otvetila on the second side of the bag. Plus it is convenient for drawing, you will have a solid surface.
  • Freehand draw a pencil drawing. You can start to practice on paper, and then draw on the bag. Do not press the pencil into the fabric, so lightly draw the features of the future image.
  • Then proceed to painting. Begin with large details, namely: cover with white paint legs, then red sandals,then black horizontal stripes on pantyhose and then chamomile. Do not forget to give dry paint. Do not hurry.
  • Now it's up to stroke. It is necessary to accurately circle the black sandals and feet. If it is difficult for you to do this with a thin brush, you can buy a special marker for a fabric of the same color.

  • If financial opportunities allow, you can buy glowing in the dark paint Glow paint of any company. And paint the black stripes on pantyhose and red sandals with it. But this is so, one of the options. But it will turn out very cool and unusual.
  • A bag with such a pattern is perfectly combined with vintage things.

If you are not able to draw at all, then you can print a drawing on a printer, transfer it to a bag and paint it like a coloring book as a child.

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