How to plaster walls

The room in which you will plaster should be completely freed from any furniture. If this is not possible, the furniture is removed from the walls and covered with newspapers or film. Wear your own respirator and safety glasses.
Now remove the old coating, if there is one. If you plaster a bare base, then skip this step. So, wet the wallpaper, so it will be easier to remove them from the wall. Clean the wall from wallpaper. Then, using a chisel and a hammer or perforator with a spatula, remove the old layer of plaster to the ground. After removing the plaster, walk around the surface with a damp cloth and prime it for better adhesion of the layers.
While the walls are drying, dilute the plaster according to the instructions attached to the package. From the instructions you will learn the maximum thickness of the applied layer of this plaster. Stir the solution in a bucket with a construction mixer or a drill. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes and stir again.So plaster should be homogeneous.
You will apply the plaster on the wall with a large trowel. To put the solution on the spatula, use a small one as a spatula. Movement with a spatula should be diagonally crosswise. First comes the grouting of large cavities and crevices. To find them, take a long rule, which can be up to 2 meters, and attach it to a wall. Potholes will be visible immediately. By the same rule, remove excess plaster.
To handle the corners, use the angular spatula. This can be done simply with a wet brush.
After applying the plaster on the wall, inspect it completely. Where you see defects, go with a spatula, just pre-moisten this place with water. When the putty dries, you can walk on the wall again to finally wipe down all the flaws.
When the last layer dries, apply a primer. Plaster is ready. Now you can bring the wall "to the mind" with putty.
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If you plaster not a concrete wall, but a wooden one, then before applying the plaster layer to the wall, you must attach a reinforcing mesh for greater strength.

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