How to play dominoes?

Domino is a board game that appeared in the 12th century in China. In the 18th century, this game arrived in Europe, where it acquired a modern look and name. The domino set consists, as a rule, of 28 knuckles, among which 7 doubles (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6 and 0-0) and 21 adjacent dice ( 1-2, 2-3, 4-5, etc.). How to play dominoes correctly, what can be the maximum number of domino players, how many knuckles they give out at the beginning of the game, how are the points calculated and how is the winner determined? All this further ...

Classic rules: how to play dominoes

Two to four people play this board game. For two players, 7 knuckles are dealt, for three or four, five each. The one who has got a double 6-6 starts the game, he exposes this bone, the rest attach to it 6-1, 6-2, 6- 3, 6-4 or 6-5. If at the beginning of the game, none of the players got a double 6-6, then the game can be started with other doubles (5-5, 4-4, etc.). And if no one got a double at all, then they start the game with a domino with a large value, for example 6-5. During the game it is necessary to lay out the playing knuckles according to the following principle: for example, a bone that has 5: 5-3 can be attached to a double 5-5, for example, a domino with 5 or 5 can be attached to a 5-3 bone knuckle with 3.If the player does not have a suitable dice, then he takes it from those that remain unplayed, or skips the turn. But you can not miss a move if you have at least one matching bone on your hands. The game continues until one of the players places his last die on the table. The winner is recorded the sum of the points of all the losers. Points are calculated by the values ​​of dominoes left in the hands of other players (for example: 4-1 = 5 points, 3-6 = 9 points, 2-5 = 7 points). It is worth noting that 0-0 attributes the participant 25 points. Also, the game may end when the players still have the dice, but there is nothing to put on the table. This situation is called “fish” and here the one with the least points wins. He writes the difference points losers. The game ends when one of the players scores a predetermined amount of points, for example, 100.

The above rules tell you how to play dominoes in its traditional performance. But beyond that, there are other varieties of dominoes.


The most popular variation of the domino game is called “Goat”. Most often, it is played by four people, two by two, but you can play three or two of them. The game is divided into rounds. Each player is given 7 dominoes, if he plays less than 4 players, then the remaining dominoes form a “bazaar”. If the player comes across five or more doubles, then the knuckles are redefined. The one who has the smallest double in his hands starts the game, i.e. 1-1, when playing foursome or the other smallest double, if there are two or three players. The move must begin with this smaller double. The game moves clockwise, each next player must place a dice, the value of which coincides with the last bone laid out on the table at the point of contact (see the rules of the traditional domino game). A player turns to the bazaar, whose turn is to go, but he does not have the necessary dominoes. Catch them until he finds one. After each round, scoring is done. Losing players record into their account the amount of dominoes left in their hands. But you can open an account only if you have at least 13 points on your hands. The player who scored the first 101 points or more, is considered the loser and gets the title "Goat". Also in the "goat" you can play two by two, i.e. team up.

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