How to play worms

To play worms you need:

  1. Buy a disc with the game. There are several variants of the game, the most common of which are Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon.
  2. For online play, patches and updates may be required to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems.
  3. Create a team by giving it names and the names of the worms that participate in it. Optionally, you can set the national anthem and team flag, as well as choose a voice for it.
  4. Check the screen resolution - by default it is set to the minimum, which negatively affects the image quality.
  5. On WormNet you can create different types of games. You can start with Shoppa, having previously studied the rules. Violation of the rules in a network game leads to missing a turn.
  6. You can select the desired card from the map editor. Enter the editor by right-clicking on the image with the relief image.
  7. WormNet does not require prior registration, you can come up with a name under which other participants will see you right at the entrance to the network.For low-speed connections and limited tariffs, the game is simply irreplaceable: the traffic consumption per hour does not exceed hundreds of kilobytes.
  8. Choose any host and join the game. Unfortunately, not every gamer can create his own host. Creating a host will be impossible if you are behind a proxy or gateway.

Note that choosing a weapon with the mouse takes too much time. Examine the hotkeys and it will go much faster. Part of the weapon will be inaccessible until you complete all the missions and training.
The message “Fatal error During Game. Server connetion, disconnecting ”, which suddenly appeared during a network game, can be caused either by the interruption of your Internet channel or by the fall of WormNet. Check the channel, and if everything is fine, just try connecting to the server later.

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