How to praise yourself

When you are going to work or study in the morning, smile yourself in the mirror once more, so that your mouth gets sick - from ear to ear. When you smile, life becomes much more fun, and therefore you begin to think much better about yourself. In the end, what could you have done such a terrible thing so that you again had to start learning to praise yourself?
Every day you find something even in small things that you can praise yourself for. Washed the dishes? Praise. Cooked food? Praise. Got out of bed? Praise. Do it out loud, bouncing, waving your arms - in any case, so that it is fun. Against the background of your microscopic achievements, larger achievements that can already be seen with the naked eye will soon begin to emerge.
Try to "tune" and other people to the desired wave. Let them not carp at you for nothing! If someone says bad things about you, blames you for the lack or excess of any external trait or character trait, mentally translate all his words to the other pole. Suppose you are told that you are ugly.You immediately repeat the same words, only without the particle “not” - immediately, instantly, with the stubbornness of a ram. Keep your self-esteem in your fists and do not let it fall.
Try and actually do the good things you need, do more work, engage in self-development, help people lose weight, gain weight, stop smoking, drink or bite their nails - do decent things so that you can really praise yourself. You can not brag to other people; the main thing here is to evaluate and praise yourself.

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