How to protect hair in winter

Do not overcool hair
Headgear serves as protection against sudden temperature changes for the hair. The process of hair restoration is much harder than selecting a suitable cover for the head. It is best to hide all the hair under the headgear so that it is completely warm.
Do not overheat hair
Limit the frequent daily use of irons and hair dryer, but use only those devices that regulate the temperature level. When buying and choosing a curling iron, hair dryer, forceps, consider the condition of the hair (healthy and elastic fragile and dry), thickness, thickness and length, pay special attention to the convenience of the device and its functional qualities. An excellent choice is to use a new generation of hair dryers with proprietary technologies of protection against drying out and overheating. It is desirable to choose devices with functions of heating to a certain temperature and the inclusion of cooling, or the mode of air ionization. In winter, the humidity of the air is much less than in warm time, so the hair and skin are very dry. As a result of these factors, the hair becomes dull and dandruff appears.In this case, the best recommendation would be the periodic use of a spray or the purchase of an air aerator.
Choose the right cosmetic hair care products.
After washing your hair, you need to apply a conditioner for dull hair to your hair and make an intensive mask at least once a week. When dandruff appears, it is necessary to use medicated shampoos to reduce scalp dryness. In winter, pay attention to the tips of the hair, because they are most exposed to negative weather conditions. At least once a month they need to be cut, once a week to use serum against the cross-section of hair. In the cold season it is necessary to wash your hair in cool water, as washing your hair in hot water will cause it to become brittle, lifeless and dull. Use hairbrushes and combs made from natural materials, this will reduce damage to the hair.

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