How to protect yourself from the attack

In public transport, shops, parks, places of mass gathering of people, be most suspicious of “orphaned” packages, bags, and boxes. If you notice that a person sitting next to you in a minibus left his bag and got out of the minibus, pretending to forget about it, in no case try to pick it up to get out of the minibus and return it to the owner. Without touching it, in a firm and confident voice ask the driver of the minibus to stop and disembark all passengers. After that, moving away to a safe distance, call the Police or FSB department and report the strange find. Do not move the item found, do not try to move it, or look closer!
Do not allow panic. If you suspect that you have found an explosive device, do not shout hysterically about this in the whole area. Terrorists can stay close and activate the charge, seeing that people run away - then many will suffer.Before the police arrive, make sure that all people quietly leave the danger zone without too much fuss - the crowd is subject to herd feelings, and panic will spread instantly.
On holidays it is better to stay away from the mass festivities, urban markets and concerts in the squares. Unfortunately, these places are usually chosen by terrorists for their bloody acts. Therefore, in such a "hot" time, it is better to stay at home and wait out folk celebrations with a cup of coffee in front of the TV. Relying on a responsible approach to the work of law enforcement officers is not worth it: “frameworks” and other ways of identifying terrorists have long since been learned to circumvent and very successfully.

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