How to pump your biceps

Choose exercises for which the movement of the shoulder and elbow joints occurs. Start with a small load. Repeat exercises for 8-12 times, doing 2-3 approaches. Over time, increase your workout to 4 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise. Movement should be slow. For normal biceps growth, 1 workout per week is enough. Once every 2 months reduce the load, allowing the muscles to relax and recover. It stimulates their growth well.
When performing exercises with weight lifting, do not strain your body. Only forearms should move. The back remains motionless. While doing the exercises, make sure that the elbows are locked in one position. Do not push them forward, otherwise the back will twist, and do not separate to the sides so as not to increase the load on the joints.
Do not forget about safety. To avoid injury, weight should not be lifted with straight wrists. Before lifting the barbell or dumbbell, tilt your wrists down a little. This will reduce the load on them.In addition, choose an adequate weight of the bar to clearly comply with the technique and make the most correct movements.
Also consider the brachialis internal brachial muscle. It “supports” the biceps and makes it more visually. This muscle is pumped during the rotation of the palms with dumbbells.
Perform lifting barbell standing. Arrange your arms to shoulder width, grab the barbell from the bottom, slightly bend your knees. Grip hold around the hips. Slowly lift the barbell to shoulder level, bending your arms. Fix position, not relaxing muscles. And then also slowly straighten your arms to the starting position. Make sure the case does not tilt back.
Sit on the edge of the bench, legs spread a little wider than shoulders. Lean fully extended arm with a dumbbell on the inner side of the thigh near the knee. Bend the arm in the elbow until it stops. In the upper position, tighten your biceps, and then return to the starting position.
Lean forward. The torso should be parallel to the floor. Hold the dumbbell in a lowered hand, palm forward. Bend your arm to the opposite shoulder. In this case, the shoulder should remain fixed. Then change your hand.

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