How to put a crane

You will need
  • Kitchen crane, gas wrench or adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, sealant, tow.
Open the kitchencraneand in this position, turn off the water in the apartment. The most common variant is water pipes with steel pipes, when pipes with cold and hot water are suitable for a kitchen sink.
Take a pipe wrench or gas wrench and loosen the clutch securingcraneto the pipe. The key should be rotated counterclockwise. Usually the coupling is located at the bottom of the sink. If the nut does not turn easily, try dripping a little bit of engine oil onto it. Another way to overcome the resistance of a stubborn nut is to use two keys. The first key locks the nut, the second you unscrew the clutch.
Gently unplug the kitchencranefrom the pipe. Disconnect also fromcraneand inlet hoses. The most common flexible eyeliner. This tube of rubber, hidden in a metal sheath. The length of the eyeliner, choose the characteristics of your communications. Pay attention to the appearance of the external and internal threads on the supply hoses, and also check the presence and condition of the rubber gaskets inside the nuts.
Now go to installcranea.At the sink when installingcranePlace a gasket that prevents water from flowing under the sink.
Tighten the nut with the wrench.craneheld at the car wash.
Attachcraneto pipes using appropriate hoses. Pay attention to the presence and integrity of the O-rings in the joints. Ifcraneconnects directly to the pipe, you should wrap the threaded part with tow. This should be done in such a way that as the winding up the layer of tow fibers thickens. Make sure that the thickness of the tow does not exceed the height of the thread.
Smear the screw connection with paint or sealant on top. Open the valve and check the quality of the repair you have made.

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