How to quickly gain weight thin girl and boyfriend at home

People lead an endless standoff with overweight. On the topic of losing weight a lot of tips and advice. Information on how to gain weight to a thin guy and girl is much less. I will give this issue a little attention.

I offer some useful tips on weight gain at home.

  1. Adjust the power. Adhere to the "reverse diet" to increase the calories consumed to get fat.
  2. This does not mean that you have to abuse fatty food and spend days watching TV with a pack of chips in hand. Eat healthy foods by increasing the size of servings.
  3. Choose foods high in calories. If you drink milk, buy it with 3.5-6% fat.
  4. For breakfast, cook porridge with milk and butter.
  5. To gain weight, add flour, baked and fried foods to your diet.
  6. Eat more fruits. Suitable peaches, bananas, apricots. Make small snacks between meals.They will cheer up and charge the body with energy.
  7. Are you interested in increasing muscle mass, rather than growing a "beer belly"? Go to the gym. The right exercise program, a few lessons a week, will help you gain a few kilograms of muscle tissue.

The key to rapid weight gain is high-calorie nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, strength exercises, healthy sleep.

7 tips on how to gain weight for a man at home

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Men gain weight by building muscle. Make it easy. Please consult your doctor first, because a change of lifestyle can cause unpleasant consequences.

  1. The main building material is protein. Increase body weight will catch consuming protein foods. There is a lot of protein in meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, eggs.
  2. To increase the weight you need energy, which in the body is formed from carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates increase the fat layer, they are contained in sugar, ice cream, sweets.
  3. The growth of muscle mass is provided by complex carbohydrates contained in vegetables and cereals. Include similar foods in the diet.
  4. If the body is not working properly, weight gain will have to be forgotten. His well-coordinated work directly depends on the amount of micronutrients and vitamins used in milk, vegetables, fruits and meat.
  5. Normal functioning of the body is impossible without fat. Nutritionists recommend vegetable oil, dairy products and sea fish. From fatty meat is better to refuse.
  6. Intense training will help you gain weight quickly. It is better to use the services of a professional trainer to draw up a program. Per week do at least three times. Increase the load gradually.
  7. After each workout, let your body rest. Do not exercise daily. Sleep around 8 o'clock in the afternoon.
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Effective ways to weight gain thin girl

The trainer advises the girl on a set of weight

Almost all the girls, dreaming of a slim figure, are interested in methods of dealing with extra pounds. Some, on the contrary, want to gain a few pounds.

I offer verified instructions.

  1. Start eating more. Include in the diet white bread, sweets, flour products, potatoes and honey. Do not forget about protein foods - eggs, fish, meat.
  2. Before a meal, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.During the day, drink an average of 2.5 liters of fluid.
  3. Go to the gym or work on your body at home.
  4. Eat about 5 times. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, have a snack.
  5. Chew food well, after a meal, get some rest so that the body can digest the food. Buy in a pharmacy vitamin complex.
  6. Increase the size of servings, add new dishes. If you ate ordinary porridge for breakfast, make a sausage sandwich in addition. Over time, the woman's body will get used to the increased portions.
  7. Bad habits slow down the metabolism. Give up alcohol and cigarettes. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with non-alcoholic beer.
  8. Stress burns calories. If you really want to gain weight, get rid of stress and bad emotions.
  9. Pay special attention to sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours.
  10. Seek help from a nutritionist. He will make a special menu for weight gain.

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Can I gain weight in a week?

Many people are surprised when they hear that someone wants to gain weight. There is nothing surprising. For example, some athletes have to increase their weight in order to take part in competitions.

General recommendations

  1. To increase the weight and save energy, reduce the activity. With physical and increased mental work, calories are quickly consumed.
  2. If you can’t imagine life without sports, reduce the number of workouts. If you were doing four times a week, reduce the number of classes to three.
  3. Train only the main muscle groups. On jumping and aerobic exercise at the time will have to forget, they require a lot of energy.


  1. Strengthen nutrition by giving preference to protein foods. Dairy products and meat dishes will be a wonderful “fuel” for the body.
  2. Divide meals in 5 receptions with small snacks.
  3. For breakfast, eat porridge with milk and sandwiches. For lunch - a plate of rich borscht, a little boiled meat or a few meatballs with mashed potatoes. For dinner, cook baked chicken and pasta.
  4. To increase the calorie content of low-calorie dishes, add a little milk or grated cheese. Salads fill with fat sour cream.
  5. For an afternoon snack cottage cheese with yogurt, ryazhenka or sandwiches. You can eat some dried meat, nuts, or protein bars.
  6. Overeating is not recommended.So you will help the stomach to cope with the loads.
  7. Do not eat at night. Eat two hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the kilograms will become fat, which is not easy to remove.

The key to a successful solution of the problem is proper and healthy nutrition, increased rest and rational loads.

Tips for typing weight as soon as possible

To recover without a strong diet is extremely problematic. But not everyone can freely switch to five meals a day, using only soups, burgers, milk porridge and sandwiches.

Nutritionists recommend a healthy diet combined with physical exertion - strength training, focused on muscle growth.

  1. To increase weight, perform special physical exercises and use sports supplements. Visit the fitness trainer and together make up a training program and sports nutrition.
  2. Stick to your meal routine. An hour before your workout, use a portion of carbohydrates and drink a glass of protein shake.
  3. After exercise, eat sweet yogurt or a few bananas. So replenish the glycogen reserve.Half an hour after class, it is recommended to eat some protein food.
  4. Be sure to count the calories. The body weight will increase if you eat a little more calories every day.
  5. During the calculation, consider the energy costs for training in the gym, preparing for exams, doing housework and so on. Calculate to the ideal accuracy is not necessary. Record the most energy-intensive activities.
  6. If there is no time for the gym, and the idea of ​​a normal weight does not leave, eat more and move less. At the same time do not need to absorb kilograms of fried and fatty dishes, sweets, pickles and smoked products. Follow a balanced and complete diet.
  7. Sleep an average of 8 hours a day.
  8. Most often, it is impossible to gain weight in impressionable and nervous people. Try to achieve peace of mind. This will help walk and yoga.

If the cause of excessive thinness is some kind of illness, you will have to visit a doctor, undergo an examination and a course of treatment, and only then try to increase body weight.

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