How to quickly put hair

For example, you can use hot rollers. Curlers need to warm up, twist strands on them, and leave for 15-20 minutes, taking the time to other matters. Cooled hair curlers are removed and form a hairstyle - stab the strands with hairpins, slightly beat. In the end it is worth splashing.hairvarnish, and styling is ready.
If you are naughtyhair, instead of curlers better to take the iron for the hair. To curl light volume curls, you do not need much time. Treat firsthairheat spray for hair, and then, taking up one strand from the roots, pull the iron along the entire length, closer to the ends, as if twisting the iron to the outside. As a result, you will get soft curls, which can be quite left uncool.
To give the hair volume, it is enough to use a large round brush, hairdryer and styling agent. Apply on the still, separate strands 10 centimeters wide.Screw them onto the brush and blow-dry, turning the comb around its axis. The tips of the hair can be quickly curled inside with forceps and or ironing without forgetting about the thermal spray.
In case you need to removehairin the hair, you can try these ways: First, you can always make a fashionable and relevant horse tail. Pull the hair high on the back of the head with a rubber band, and then wrap the elastic around the hair and hide the remaining tip under it. In addition, a neat bunch can be a good option. To do this, first make a tail, and then twist it into a bundle and wind it around the elastic band, securing the studs.
French braid - original and fashionable hairstyle, the creation of which does not require much time. Hair combed back, around the forehead, take a large strand and divide it into three parts.

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