How to quickly reduce the calf?

It is difficult to meet a woman who would not make any sacrifices for the sake of slender and chiseled legs. Intense exercise and diet food, sooner or later give the result. Excess fat leaves the hips, muscles tighten, buttocks become elastic. But if it concerns the legs, but to reduce the calves of the legs, without making enough effort, it is difficult. After all, from too intense physical exertion, they may even increase.

Volumetric shins look ill-mannered and create a lot of problems for their owners. Large calves on legs do not allow to wear short skirts, dresses, and also narrow trousers. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, wishing to reduce this part of the body, do not stop at nothing. The most risky women decide on surgical intervention and with the help of plastic surgery adjust the figure. However, there are less drastic measures, using which, you can not think about how to make calves slim and beautiful.

Why appear?

Before adjusting the legs, you need to know how they become bulky, and what to do to eliminate or at least minimize these causes.

  1. Hereditary predisposition. If volumetric calves are your genetic peculiarity, it will be difficult to reduce the legs. But in order not to aggravate the situation, you need to avoid performing physical exercises that are aimed at the growth of the calf muscles.
  2. Gait and way of life. If you are used to walking in high heels, then as a result of the transfer of body weight to the front of the foot, muscle mass in the calf area increases. The same thing happens if you have weak muscles in the lower limbs. In both cases, in order to stabilize the situation, you should regularly do a set of exercises for general strengthening of the muscles of the legs.
  3. Fat deposits. Each person has their own specific problem areas on the body, where overweight is concentrated. It is from these areas that fat is the last to go. If you have this ankle and calf part of the legs, then be patient and lead the right way of life.

Effective ways

If you decide to reduce caviar, then adopt the following rules:

  • do not torture yourself with hunger strikes, as with any diet they will lose not only the volume of the lower leg, but also the buttocks, as well as the thighs, eat a better balanced diet and distribute the exercise locally;
  • Do not often wear stiletto or platform shoes, prefer shoes with high heels up to 4 centimeters or flat;
  • go jogging, as this is the most effective way to change the shape of the calf muscles;
  • give preference to the treadmill, rather than the steppes, lunges, squats and short intense cardio;
  • Avoid jumping with high legs and do not jump rope;
  • visit the pool;
  • love long walks;
  • Avoid weight-lifting exercises that involve lower limbs
  • engage in low-intensity cardio;
  • create an accent on the waist in clothes, choose fitted blouses, jackets and shirts and do not wear short pants and breeches.

SPA treatments

It is possible to reduce the volume of the calf with the help of massage, both hardware and manual. It is advisable to use it in conjunction with exercise and stretching. To get a good result, you need to contact a specialist and after ten sessions you will be able to see the effect.

If desired, lymphatic drainage manipulations can be performed independently at home. To do this, take two chairs, sit on one, put your foot on the second. Apply a massage cream or oil and proceed to perform.

  1. For two to three minutes, stroke your foot in a smooth motion from the foot to the knee.
  2. Alternately for five minutes, grab your lower leg.
  3. Grab the limb with your hands by the ankle and spend with a small pressure on the entire leg to the knee.

Finish the massage with a light and pleasant stroking of the feet for a couple of minutes.

If you set out to reduce the calf muscles, then remember that you can achieve the desired, but with proper nutrition, lifestyle and appropriate physical activity.

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