How to quit your job?

In every person's life there is a moment when he decides to leave work. Motives for dismissal can be very different: infringement of rights, harmful colleagues, getting a more attractive job offer, inadequate leadership, low wages. If you decide to quit, you should correctly address this issue, take into account all the nuances. Let's find out how to quit a job.


  1. Statement. First of all, you need to write a statement that you want to quit. According to Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employee must inform the employer about his or her resignation within fourteen days. During this time, the head can find a new employee. And the employee may change his mind and stay at work. For this, he needs to pick up a statement.
  2. Order of dismissal of an employee. The employer is obliged to issue such an order, and the employee must sign it. The order must state the reason for the dismissal and the article on which the employee is dismissed. And also should be given orders accounting for the payment of all funds owed to the employee.
  3. Issuance of documents on the day of dismissal. On this day, the employer must provide the employee with a completed workbook, salary certificates and transfers to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as a copy of the order. The workbook should indicate the reason for dismissal, the article, the date and number of the order. Check that the date is correct.
  4. Calculation. On the last day of work with the employee must fully pay, according to article 140 of the LC RF. The calculation includes not only wages, but also compensation for unused leave for the period of work.

How to write a statement

If you have never written such a statement, read the following instructions:

  1. In the upper right corner write the position of the head, as well as his surname and initials.
  2. Next, indicate your position and your surname.
  3. In the middle of the sheet write the word "statement".
  4. Next, write "Please dismiss me", and then you specify the reason for the dismissal and the date from which you want to quit.
  5. Write down the date on the left, and sign below on the right.

You can learn more about the application from the article How to write a statement correctly.

Articles about termination of the contract

  • Most often, the employee is dismissed “on his own will” (Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). This wording may indicate that the person has found a better offer or the employer has violated the law, as well as the conditions of the employment contract. How to quit on this basis, you can read in the article How to quit on their own.
  • In addition, you can resign "by agreement of the parties" (article 78 of the LC RF).
  • They can also be dismissed “on the initiative of the employer” (article 81 of the LC RF). Such an article applies if the organization is liquidated, if the employer chooses to reduce the staff or number of employees, if the employee has a disciplinary penalty, if the employee commits one grave violation, if the employee commits guilty actions, if the employee works in a position that does not meet his qualifications and otherwise .
  • You can quit your job “due to the expiration of the contract” (article 79 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). If the contract was specified a specific date of its termination, then this date is the last working day of the employee.
  • It happens that a contract is terminated “in circumstances beyond the control of the parties” (article 83 of the LC RF).This could be: calling an employee for military service, death of an employee, non-selection to office, emergency occurrence (accident, catastrophe, epidemic, and so on).
  • If a person does not want to continue to work because of a change in the owner of the property of the organization, the contract is terminated under article 75 of the LC RF.
  • And if they change the working conditions and the employee they are not satisfied, you can resign under article 74 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Another similar reason is “the employee’s refusal to transfer to another locality” (article 72.1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

Whatever the reason for your dismissal, you must put in order all the papers, complete all the projects that you have begun, and prepare your business affairs for transfer to another employee. You can introduce a new person in the course of business, help him get comfortable in a new workplace. And in general, try to leave work, to avoid unpleasant showdown. It will be better if you do not spoil the nerves of yourself or others.

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