How to raise a man?

The question is how to raise a man, each of us wondered, be it a wife or a mother. Often daughters hear from their mothers that it is impossible to remake a man. But in fact, this is not entirely true. It is impossible to alter, but it is quite realistic to adjust for yourself and direct it in the right direction.

Before telling how to bring up men, it should be mentioned that if your husband is not a fighter, not a drunkard, hard-working is already a good “material”. So, let's start “sculpt” ...

How to raise a man: tips

Be accepted for education should be from the beginning of life together. Find out what household duties he will perform. Attract him to shopping. First, together, and then you can let go of one with a list of necessary purchases. If your man has prepared something - be sure to rate his work and in no case do not blame him. And in general, in any process, do not forget about praise. And praise constantly, with or without occasion, every day and every hour. You should always support your man, listen and be able to hear him, remind you that he is the best, unobtrusively suggest and give the necessary advice.The ability to properly influence your man is a kind of art that, ideally, every woman should master. One should learn to tack: know when to ask for something, when to convince, and when to cry.

Men like when they are treated like a big child, when they treat their little weaknesses condescendingly. They should be taken as they are, while finding and skillfully using their positive qualities. They just can't stand it when their independence is affected. In some moments you should not go "ahead", but be flexible. Step back a little, you can pretend that you agree, but then still do it your own way and your husband will not even notice. You shouldn’t persuade him, argue and hoarsely prove his point.

Remind that he is the best of all, strengthen his faith in himself, and, in any case, do not put in comparison with others. Be affectionate and unobtrusive. Do not make comments and do not make claims in front of others. If your man did something wrong, put him aside and explain. He will appreciate your action.

Men brought up by women

Another important point. A man as the head of a family makes all the decisions. It's quite normal. But he is not always right, and sometimes his ventures and decisions are a bit silly. Here it is necessary to include female cunning. One should not shout, say that he is wrong, one can appreciate his zeal and even agree, but at the same time, calmly bring all weighty arguments against. And he, as if by himself thinking, will come to the right decision. That is, to act in their own way, while listening to her husband.

Her husband's friends are a separate topic for conversation. They can be useful and useless. It’s worth being friendly and nice, letting her husband go to parties to him and invite him to his house.

Men brought up by women, this is a strong wall and reliable support, it is neatness, understanding, respect and mutual assistance. In a word, a good husband is a good job of an intelligent wife. And always remember that you chose such a man for living together.

How to raise a son a real man

Forms from the boy the man the correct mother's education. In order to raise a son a real man, one should not forget that a mother should not forget that she is a woman.Children can not be born bad or good, obedient and uncontrollable, so they are raised by mom and dad. In your power to change the "male stereotypes" and send your son to good deeds and kindness. Here fairy tales and all sorts of instructive stories will come to the rescue. When a child reaches adolescence, it is necessary to show attention, patience and a humane attitude towards his child. It is necessary to direct the boy's activity in the right direction, find a useful hobby for him, write him down to some sports section. So he will be able to strengthen his "I", he will not have enough time for bad thoughts and actions. It is necessary to teach him to work, to responsibility and making the right decisions. Parents themselves must always act decently and honestly, not dissemble, be a good example. Never show your fear. Let the father become authority in the eyes of the boy. Never insult or humiliate him in front of his son. An important condition in the upbringing of the son of a real man is, directly, the very communication with men. He needs it! It is necessary to communicate with peers, to spend time in the male adult team.For example, to be with dad and with father's friends. And, always remember that having brought up a real man, you will make another woman happy in the future.

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