How to raise a son

The prevailing stereotype that boys will be �mother's sons�, if in relation to them excessive boundless tenderness, care and affection manifests itself, is erroneous. A lot of love is neither in relation to daughters, nor in relation to sons. The child should feel your love for the correct mental development and the formation of a positive attitude to the world. Do not feel sorry for emotionssonso that he will reciprocate. In addition, the baby should see a positive example of the relationship between dad and mom. When a boy goes to kindergarten, there he gets the first experience in communicating with representatives of the opposite sex. Have yourson�there will be no negative attitude towards girls if he is brought up in a family where love, harmony and understanding prevail.
From about 4 to 14 years, the development of masculinity. If before this age the boys could play with the girls at the hairdresser, doctors, cafes, etc., now they prefer cars, weapons, road construction and similar �male� games.At this age, fathers come out on top for sons. The boys in every way try to imitate them: copy their demeanor, speech. Dad must strictly monitor his behavior in the presence ofson. Moms, however, often from boys of this age can hear such an answer to a request: �I�m not a girl, I won�t do it.� To make this happen less often, make contact with your son. Talk with him frequently on topics of concern to him, ask about how his day went, show that you care about his life, that you respect his interests.
Pay attention to your son even when it seems to you that he has already grown. Adolescence is the time when a boy becomes a young man. There are changes not only physical, but also mental. It is at this time that your son needs your attention. Do not turn away from him, be interested in his life, otherwise he will try to attract your attention with fights, bad behavior at school. Clearly share what to love, care for and control your lifeson�possible and without excessive care. The more you forbid something to a child, repeat the same teachings, the more he will oppose them. But a permissive style of communication will not lead to anything good.Therefore, find a middle ground: be near, but at a distance.
Assess the child's actions objectively. If he is wrong, admit it. Your son should know when he is doing the right thing, and when not. Otherwise, he will consider that everything is possible for him, that mom or dad will come, and the situation will be exhausted. Praise when a child deserves it, and make out mistakes when they are.
The child should not be afraid of their parents to obey, and respect them. Do not scoldsonif he committed some kind of negative deed. Calmly discuss the situation together so that the child will see what he did wrong, how he should have acted and whether it is possible to correct the error. So the son will trust you and will consult. This means that you will be aware of his life, which comes far from your eyes.
Do not adhere to the principle "Boys do not cry." So you learn how to feel the child. A son can grow up as a tough person who doesn�t know simple human emotions. In addition, it has been proven that the absence of the manifestation of feelings can shorten life. What a person experiences at every moment of life is accumulated by acting on the nervous and then on other systems of the body.
It is impossible to rehabilitate a son at 18, you will see the end result of his work.Therefore, do not regret the time and effort to raise a child, to be proud of him in the future.

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