How to raise morality in a child

Over time, the preschooler assumes the accepted social rules of behavior and relationships, attitudes towards himself and the world around him. Moral education is the basis for the diversified development of character.

The moral upbringing of preschool children should be carried out in various fields. The child gets the basics of moral influence being in the circle of his family, with friends and in other public places. Often this influence does not meet the principles of morality.

Means to help educate the morality of the child


These include fine arts, works of literature, cinema and so on. They play a large role during the moral education of a preschooler. Artistic tools are the most effective for the formation of proper education.


She instills in her child a desire to care for those who are weaker, who need help and protection. Also, nature forms confidence in the child.Instilling a love of nature also develops feelings of patriotism in children, since natural phenomena are close and easy to understand.

Creative activity

These are various games, training, art and work. Each species has a corresponding impact on education. The main place is occupied by communication. It best copes with the task of correcting and educating feelings and relationships.

The atmosphere that surrounds the child, it must be benevolent, saturated with love. The setting is the basis for the education of feelings and behavior.

The choice of suitable means for education directly depends on the tasks set, the age of the child, and at what level the development of his moral qualities is.

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