How to reduce losses in 2017

Analyze the activities of your company and the feasibility of certain expenses. Reduce hospitality and bonuses and bonuses for executives.
Warn your subordinates about possible temporary wage cuts. Try to compensate for the decrease in the salary of employees with any non-material benefits. If necessary, spend staff reductions, warning employees about this for 2 months. Agree on your actions in labor inspection.
Do not enter into intermediary contracts with dubious investors and suppliers or for purposes that are far from economic benefits (for example, assistance to related enterprises). If suppliers have caused youdamages, go to court to impose a penalty on them in the amount of these damages.
Independently or with the help of specialists, conduct a new market monitoring to identify the circumstances that impede the promotion of your product or the break-even activities of your organization.
Reduce the cost of goods, if you produce products.Increase selling prices for your products (for manufacturers). Do not forget to negotiate new prices with your regular customers.
Buy popular product groups in large quantities, receiving substantial discounts. Increase the cost of goods that you sell at retail (for commercial enterprises). Be sure to negotiate these prices in the tax and trade inspection. Take into account when raising prices overall market conditions.
Be sure to insure the property of your organization. If furtherdamageswill arise for reasons beyond your control (natural disaster, theft), then subject to the insurance contract, they will be reimbursed.

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