How to relax without alcohol

Find good reasons for not drinking alcohol. For a start, decide for yourself why and why you are refusing strong drinks. Always remember that rest without alcohol is a mass of positive emotions without consequences, it is health and well-being, as well as preserved dignity.
Come by car. If you are going to relax in the woods with kebabs, with friends in the apartment or in a nightclub, get behind the wheel. A sense of responsibility will not allow you to drink, and you will always have reason to refuse it to your friends. Please note that if you still drink alcohol, then the car is best left alone until the next day.
Addicted friends to outdoor activities. Sports games in the fresh air will more than replace alcoholic fun. Get badminton, Frisbee, volleyball and other sports equipment. You can get excited by riding a bike or roller skating. Believe me, no one will refuse to return to childhood and play with friends.
Find new friends with similar interests. It so happens that a long-established company can no longer imagine a shift in occupation. And you continue to drink out of habit, meeting with her every time. There is a way out of this situation - you need to find new acquaintances with whom you have common interests. On them your friendship will be fastened, and it will be possible to forget about alcohol.
Be in nature more often. Contemplation of natural beauty inspires and is not associated with alcoholic beverages. Tea in a thermos for the cold season or a whole box of soft drinks - these are your companions for a trip to the lake, to the forest or to the mountains. Fresh air combined with peace will set you up for relaxation. This holiday will replace dozens of alcohol parties.

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