How to remove the speed limiter?

May 21, 2015
How to remove the speed limiter?

Remove the speed limit is necessary to improve the performance of the car or other technical equipment, as many users dream of. There are several ways to make this manipulation, but remember, the speed limiter plays an important role in the safety of passengers.

How to remove the speed limiter: ways

Method one: dishonest marketing

The world of competition sometimes forces manufacturing companies to act not quite honestly. So disabling the speed limit in many models is done by making physical changes to the car's wiring device. In other words, when designing a vehicle, the moment is taken into account when eating the necessary wiring or adding / removing a jumper on the control unit can solve the problem with speed limitation.

After the release of a model with such modernization capabilities, the company's specialists launch a process of controlled information leakage andall: many users will prefer a car with a known way of getting rid of the limiter, all other things being equal.

Method two: tuning the control chip

Most modern vehicles are controlled by on-board computers, which simply carry out the program incorporated in them during development.

The program is recorded on a special storage device, popularly called a chip. When the firmware changes the information loaded on the chip. Thus, speed limits are easily disabled, as well as other elements of the program are being upgraded.

Method three: additional devices

The above two options require special knowledge or skills to work with the wiring or electronics of the car. Inaccurate handling of these elements can seriously damage the health of the on-board computer or the vehicle as a whole.

Another thing - the addition of additional devices to help disable the speed limiter. Such tools are created for a specific model, but they act in the same way.

The control unit decides on the activation of the limiter based on the readings from:

  • gearbox sensor;
  • speed sensor;
  • speed sensor.

On the basis of the received data, the computer performs an algorithm that was previously laid, namely, it includes a limiter.

Additional devices allow you to "deceive" the control system by providing understated data from the listed devices. Thus, the conditions for activating the speed limiter are never created, so it is practically removed.

All of the above options will help you get rid of the speed limiter yourself, but you need to use them only if you are familiar with the features of your chosen vehicle model. Otherwise there is the danger of creating an emergency on the highway.

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