How to repair the apartment?

Starting repairs in your apartment, you should firmly grasp a few rules:
1) Do not save. The use of cheap construction and finishing materials, can not make itself felt already after a short period of time and all the work done will be in vain.
2) It is necessary to do without haste, carefully calculating and weighing everything.
3) The work must be trusted only by qualified specialists. This applies to absolutely all types of work.
4) Before starting, it is necessary to make an estimate, in which it is necessary to describe in detail the costs of preliminary work, building materials, construction waste removal, delivery of building materials, and so on.

Types of jobs
Apartment repair can be of the following types:
- Cosmetic.
- Capital.
- Comprehensive.
Each type of repair has its own characteristics and requires a certain preparation.
Also repair of the apartment can be divided into the following types:
- passers.
- Bathtub.
- Living room.
- Actions.
- Kitchens.
- Bathroom.
Also glazing of a balcony or loggia can be added here. For more information, please visit:

The main stages of repair

The scope and types of work depend on the type of repair being perfected, but for all types of repair it is possible to distinguish the main stages:
1) Replacing doors and windows.
2) Replacement or installation of sanitary products.
3) Redecoration of all premises, including:
- finish the ceiling.
- wall decoration.
- restoration or replacement of the floor covering, as well as, if necessary, its arrangement.
You can get acquainted with the latest innovations of building and finishing materials on the site
Here you can get acquainted with the main types of work carried out, as well as order any type of repair work from a team of professionals.

Main types of work

1) Works related to the redevelopment of the apartment.
2) Replacing windows and doors.
3) Plumbing work.
4) Electrical work.
5) Different types of finishing works. How to make an apartment repair

Make high-quality repairs in a new building can only be done by highly qualified specialists who have some experience of similar works.Only in this case, a major overhaul in the new building will turn your apartments not only into a cozy, comfortable housing, but also be able to emphasize your individuality. As well as the repair of premises of almost any level of complexity.

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