How to restore a photo

Start the correction of the photo with the biggest and most noticeable defects - with cracks, traces of tears and glueing, stains, and so on. To do this, on the Photoshop toolbar, select the Healing brush tool and fix the serious problems with the photo with this tool.
Turning to smaller and subtle details, use the Spot healing brush tool. Also, the Clone Stamp tool will help you. These tools will allow you to gently eliminate small and point defects, and using the stamp tool you can unnoticeably and qualitatively remove major flaws even on the face of the person depicted.
With the Alt key pressed, click on the place from which you will take a copy of the background for the stamp, and fill in the flaw with it. To begin with, try to put in order the background and clothing of a person, and only as a last step proceed to editing the face.
It often happens that for some reason some fragments of a photo are lost - for example, the person depicted has one eye or part of the face. Here Photoshop will help you too.
If the person in the photo lacks one eye, select the area with the second eye and copy to a new layer (Layer via copy). Transform the eye using Edit> Free Transform and flip the eye horizontally (Flip horizontal).
Place the copy on the right place of the face and reduce the transparency of the layer with a copy of the eye. In the reduced transparency mode, correlate the position of the eye with the previous one, and then return the transparency to the 100% level.
In the layer mask mode, paint over the areas with a soft black brush that you need to eliminate in the photo. Restore small parts using the Clone Stamp and Warp tool.
After all defects are fixed, open the filter menu and reduce the noise level (Reduce Noise), and then restore the image clarity.

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