How to restore sight without glasses

The quality of vision is directly influenced by the vitamins and minerals found in your body. First of all, you need to constantly replenish vitamins A, C and E, which are extremely important for solving the problem you are facing. In addition, it is necessary to increase the consumption of zinc and copper. These trace elements can be found in some foods.
The cause of vision problems can be a developing cataract. To prevent this process, it is necessary to consume foods rich in lecithin and cysteine. For eye health, it is also important to eat more fish, which is rich in vitamin Omega 3. All these vitamins must be obtained on a regular basis, independence from age and visual condition.
The eyes are one of the most active organs in the human body, they are constantly in motion. To avoid overwork and vision problems, you need to devote sufficient time to rest.If you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or watching TV, your vision may deteriorate over time. Take at least one hour of rest to relax your eyes and avoid overstressing them. If working on a computer is your professional responsibility, you need to find time to rest. Move away from your computer every hour for at least 10 minutes.
Visibility may be impaired by constant and long reading of books. Try to reduce the time given for this occupation. Also try to read in good light. The lack of light when reading is extremely negative for the eyes.
Lack of sleep is another cause of poor vision. This is due to severe eye fatigue and lack of natural relaxation, which is provided by sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.
Improve the state of vision and can be using special exercises. They can be effective at any age. The simplest of them is rolling eyes. Imagine looking at a watch face close to you. Move your eyes clockwise, starting from the top point.Try to cover your eyes as much as possible a circle, do not move with his head. Repeat this exercise 10 times, then change the eye movement to the opposite.
Another effective exercise for the eyes is a long focus. Focus your vision on any object located at a distance of 3-5 meters from you. Hold your eyesight on it for a while, then relax your eyes and look into the distance for 20-30 meters. Repeat the exercise 10 - 15 times.

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