How to revive a plant

Experienced gardeners and flower growers will first look for the reason why the plant looks bad. The reasons can be very different. The main ones are lack or excess of moisture, heat or cold, poor nutrition or an excess of some substances in the soil, pests.

How to reanimate a plant affected by heat and drought

It is necessary to water it plentifully. Grind the surface of the earth around the plant. If you can, create a shade above the plant or, if the plant grows in a pot, transfer it from the open sun to the shade. Very useful in the heat of sprinkling from a hose with a sprinkler.

How to revive a frozen plant

If the plant grows in a small pot, then bring it into a warm room and pour it with warm water. Cut frostbitten plant parts with pruning shears. Spray the solution with epin. If the pot is large and heavy, then you need to stop watering, cut frostbitten parts of the plant with shears and try to “warm up” the pot, wrapping it with a film. If the plant is frozen in open ground, it is necessary to stop its watering, mulch the ground around the plant, cut frostbitten parts of the plant with shears.You can spray it with epine or a solution of humates.

How to revive flooded plant

Immediately transplant the plant, affected by overflow, to dry, good soil. At the same time it is necessary to cut off part of the rotted roots. They will vary in color. Water the plant will need to carefully, waiting for the drying of the top layer of soil.

How to save a pest-damaged plant

It is necessary to cut off the pest-damaged parts of the leaves, stalks or roots, and then search the plant with preventive compounds against these insect species. If the roots are affected, then the plant will have to be transplanted into fresh ground, pre-washing the roots and watering with insecticide.

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