How to rub baby and than

You will need
  • Terry towel
  • Clean linen
Prophylactic rubbing spend after sleep and in the evening. Cook clean underwear to wear onbabyimmediately after the procedure. If the child is only after an illness, then the shirt in which he slept until you take it off. Healthybabyneed to undress.
Take a towel and roll it into a straw. Take the straw in your right hand. Left - hold its edge. Just recoveredbabyrub gently, putting a towel on his chest under his shirt. The child is sitting or standing. You should not rub the back of a weakened baby, any tempering procedures should be started gradually.
Rubbing healthybabystart from the back. Put him in the crib so that he rests his hands on your chest. Rub the back first, then the chest. Begin to rub slowly, accelerate movement gradually. Rub your back and chest diagonally, from the left shoulder to the right side and vice versa. Then rub the sides. Rubbingbabyuntil he feels warm.
Put onbabyclean dry linen. Often a sick child usually sweats a lot.

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