How to save heat in the house

The cold enters us through the door, and above all, through the driveway. A weakened spring or closer may not completely close the door and let in cold air into the staircase, and then into your apartment. Adjusting the locking and bringing mechanism will eliminate one of the possible heat leaks.

Next, we let out a warm entrance door to the apartment and a balcony door. Along the perimeter of the door, we attach it with glue or nail rollers made of fabric or oilcloth, filled with foam rubber or batting. You can also buy rubber or polyurethane insulation on a sticky basis and put them on the door contour according to the instructions.

If you have old wooden frames on the windows, then from time to time they probably dried up and let the cold through. We glue up the windows in the old-fashioned way - in the slot we lay a wadding, cotton wool or foam rubber, put a strip of paper on top of the glue. In order to leave no traces, the paper can be glued to wallpaper glue or to a soap solution. Also strips of cotton fabric proved to be practical, which are used instead of paper, glued to a soap solution and used repeatedly.

The quick and clean way is to fill the gaps with paraffin. To do this, we melt paraffin on the water bath, in the liquid state we collect it into a syringe without a needle and pour it into the slots. In the spring paraffin is removed without difficulty.

For the winter period, you can hang "winter" curtains. They should be from a dense light material and slightly reach radiators. Thus, the cold from the window does not pass into the apartment, and the heat from the batteries is not covered with a cloth.

If you have a large outside wall in your room, hang a carpet on it or place a closet on this wall. Contact the management company, perhaps, you will make the external insulation of the wall with insulating materials.

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