How to save nature?

At the turn of the twentieth century, due to the enormous scale of oil production, as well as the influence of man on nature, many scientists became concerned about the need to preserve it. Back in ancient times, philosophers said that man must live in harmony with nature, which gives him life. But how can a person save nature if he does not know what to do for this? In fact, there are simple ways to preserve the environment that will always be relevant.

How to save the nature of the inhabitants of cities?

Residents of cities in our time, too, want to know what to do to save nature. Especially for them there are a few simple rules.

Do not litter

Residents of cities, even small ones, must remember that what is clean is not where they clean, but where they do not litter. People are accustomed to sweeping, cleaning and washing. However, even if pious workers work on the streets of the city, there is still a chance that they will miss the next plastic bag or soda can. It would seem, is it worth it to fear the nature of ordinary urban garbage? In fact, if we are talking about a seaside city,the same plastic bags can become a serious factor in the pollution of the water area, because they will not lie on the asphalt for a long time - the wind will drive them straight into the sea. At the same time, these bags can be on the soil and under the influence of direct sunlight will release substances harmful to plants.

Do not leave the car engine turned on.

You can often see a situation where someone leaves the engine of a car turned on near the house and leaves it for ten to twenty minutes. Such cars in the average city of our country can be counted at least five hundred per day. Imagine how much exhaust they emit into the air. This may seem a trifle, but it’s not for nothing that in the USA and Canada there is a law, according to which every car owner is obliged to turn off the engine of a car if he leaves it.

Save forests

In many cities there are whole forest zones that can be allotted for parks and squares. However, now the trend is that many companies prefer to cut down such zones. On the one hand - for the sale of wood, and on the other - for the construction of shopping centers. It must be remembered that in nature much is interconnected, and that cutting down large areas of forest can adversely affect the future of the ecology of the city.

Do not spoil the waters and ponds

If you are a resident of the seaside region or live near any water body, do not spoil them. Obviously, if the water in the same river or lake is dirty, then the fish in it will not survive.

How to keep nature lovers of country rest?

For nature lovers, we also have useful tips on preserving the environment.

Handle fire properly

To save nature, you need to kindle fires to minimize the risk of fire. More importantly put out the fire correctly. After all, every year, firefighters and the Ministry of Emergency Situations have to prevent the occurrence of fires because of the fact that tourists do not extinguish the fires that remain after a rest. And after all, all that needs to be done is to fill the fire with water, having previously closed it, so that the wind does not blow apart the smothered particles of coal.

Rubbish away

Putting garbage in the bags is only half the battle. You must take him with you.

No smoking in nature

The reason is the same as in the first case - in hot weather, even a handful of ashes that fell from a cigarette can cause a fire.

Why is it important to pay attention to the little things?

Again, the question may arise, why worry so much about garbage,fires and stuff? Have scientists not taken care of the preservation of the environment during the production and mining of mineral resources? Of course, they took care and continue to care.

However, if people of all cities and countries neglect the rules in the field of ecology, then the negative impact of a person on the environment will remain. Every year on the planet more and more people and resources are also consumed more and more.

And if in order to use natural resources rationally requires calculations, approval of plans and a lot of complex procedures, then a simple man in the street need only follow the rules. And in order to preserve nature, it is necessary that every person follows these rules.

What are different countries doing to preserve nature?

Countries such as New Zealand, the United States and Canada impose environmental fines for abandoned campfires, garbage thrown on the road (even if we are talking about candy wrappers). That is why these countries are leading in landscaping, which is the basis for the preservation of the environment. After all, the forest is not only oxygen, but also the habitat of many species of flora and fauna.

Many European countries, among which Norway stands out,Finland, Sweden, Holland and Britain seek to reduce the number of cars on their streets by raising taxes on transport. Of course, such methods cause contradictions in society, but nevertheless remain very effective in preserving the environment and at the same time reduce the likelihood of traffic jams, which are the main cause of gas pollution in large cities.

Japan, Korea and China are famous for recycling various kinds of garbage for recycling. And in this regard, the Japanese went the furthest - they use recycled trash to produce covers for cars, shoes, office furniture, and even clothing. And we are talking about products of very high quality!

As you can see, there are many ways to preserve nature and its wealth. And each of them is able to bear fruit in the future.

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