How to seduce a husband

You will need
  • - aromatic massage oil
  • - new toilet water / perfume
  • - postcard of love content
  • - set of lace linen
  • - seafood (squid, etc.)
  • - aroma candles
  • - essential oil of ylang-ylang
  • - a silk scarf
  • - chair with backrest
  • - men's suit
  • - inflatable mattress
  • - grease from the sex shop
  • - whipped cream
Give back the thrill of waiting - arrange a date for your husband in your own home. Write a message on a postcard that will wait for him at home at this time. Lightly irrigate the inside of the postcard with new perfume (enough droplets). In the morning, hide the postcard in your spouse's jacket pocket or work bag.
Purchase a set of lace underwear, belt and stockings in advance. According to surveys of magazines, men prefer to remove from the women underwear in black, red and purple colors. You can use white, but it symbolizes innocence. Why portray innocence after so many years of marriage? It is better to extravaganza of passion. It is worth considering that it is categorically not perceived as an invitation to sex, bodily (beige) color lingerie is too ordinary.If only beige in combination with black lace.
Prepare a romantic dinner with seafood. Squid salad, for example, is a great aphrodisiac. Take a bath with essential oil of ylang-ylang or patchouli - these scents stimulate sexual desire. Pure oils do not apply, for a bath, use 7-10 drops per cup of milk: it is good for the skin, and the mood will be positive.
Since sex in the bedroom has already become commonplace, make a novelty with the help of an inflatable double mattress. It can be laid anywhere, even in the corridor, if only there was a place. Decorate the mattress with silk linens. To create a romantic atmosphere, use scented candles - you can arrange them in the shape of a heart on the floor next to the newly made bed or lay out a path from the front door to the mattress.
Try yourself as a dancer and rehearse a striptease for your beloved husband. Instead of a pole, use a chair with a back. You can pre-visit the courses of strip plastics, or you can experiment yourself in movements on a chair in front of a mirror - lean back, bend, stand a leg, sit down, bend, etc.Imagine yourself a cat that wants to caress, let the movement be smooth and graceful.
In addition to the striptease in the chair, you can try a striptease in men's clothes. Nothing excites a man as casually draped his shirt over the naked body of a woman. Arrange the theater of shadows - pull a white sheet on the doorway, highlight it with a lamp and dance behind the screen so that only your shadow can be seen.
Give your husband an erotic massage. Dress up in Japanese, do the appropriate makeup and invite your husband to the salon for relaxation. Or just ask to lie down to rest. Use aromatic oil for massage. Iron, bite, touch with bare breasts - use different techniques to make a man excited and not fall asleep. Even if you fall asleep - do not worry. Wake up and want to continue.
Try playing hide and seek with erotic overtones. Tie a silk handkerchief to your husband and say that you will be taking one thing off for every bill until he catches you. Consider out loud and gradually undress, leaving only accessories (such as bright beads or a bracelet). Tease your husband sexual words, whisper tenderness near the ear and then run away to the side.
A scarf and a chair can be useful as attributes for a refined caress.You can tie a husband to a chair with a scarf or blindfold only, leaving your hands free. Forget about shyness - give dizzy caresses. Explore the erogenous zones again, and the pinnacle of pleasure will be incredibly sweet and intimate.

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