How to set the table correctly. Table setting rules

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Table setting rules

Table setting rules



In different countries of the world there are special features and rules for serving the table, the same rules are preserved in restaurants. In fine restaurants it is also customary to serve the table differently in the daytime, in the evening or at night. We offer the most classic version of home table layout. First of all, you need to take care of the tablecloth. It is better if its color is monophonic and light. If the table is polished, place an oilcloth or a thick flannel between it and the tablecloth. The canvas should descend from all sides of the table not less than 25 cm, but not below the seat of the chair. Today we learn how to serve the table correctly. In the meantime, an interesting site offers to consider what dishes what dishes will suit.


Serving plates on the table



Pies (175 mm in diameter) for bread, toast and baked goods;

- snack plates (diameter 200 mm) - for cold snacks;

- salad bowls of various forms with a capacity from 1 to 6 servings - for salads, pickles, marinades, mushrooms;

- oval dishes - for snacks from fish and meat dishes, for fish jellied;

- round dishes - for meat and vegetable snacks, canapes and other dishes;

- saucers (from 1 to 6 servings) - for cold sauces and sour cream;

- bouillon cups (0.3-0.4 liters with saucers) - for broths, as well as soups with finely chopped meat or poultry;

- soup bowls with lids;

- small dinner plates (with a diameter of 240 mm) - for main courses, as well as support for deep plates;

- dessert plates small (200 mm in diameter) - for sweet fruit and strawberry soups with cream;

- tea cups and saucers for tea;

- tea pots for brewing;

- Kettles for boiling water;

- coffee pots for black coffee; coffee cups with saucers for black coffee and hot chocolate;

- milkmen, creamers (for coffee and tea) in which we collect milk;

- sockets (diameter 90 mm) - for jam, honey, lemon, sugar, sugar bowls;

- vases with a flat surface on the leg (300 mm in diameter) - for round cakes and pastries;

- vessels for spices;

- napkin holders for paper napkins.

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