How to set up a voice in the COP

You will need
  • Microphone
Connect the microphone to the appropriate connector on your sound card. Perform a general configuration of the device configuration in the control panel, setting the maximum volume for it and removing the echo. Check his work with the help of a special menu, then go to the microphone settings in the game Counter Strike.
Start the game and in the menu go to the settings item. Select the tab “Vote”(Voice for the English version), then check the box“ Enable voice in this game ”. If you need the function of improving the sound quality in the game, check the box “Boost microphone gain”. This is necessary if you use the most common microphone.
For “Voice transmit volume” and “Voice receive volume”, set the maximum values. After that, click on the “Test Microphone” button to check the settings. If red rectangles appear in the scale from above, reduce the values ​​for the above points, and then check again.
Do not set maximum parameters for the microphone volume, as this can create certain audibility problems.For communication, it is also best to use a wired connection to a computer or a connection using Wi-Fi technology, provided that the speed for your computer is sufficient for uninterrupted communication.
Do not use wireless USB modems to play, because even with a good signal level there is the possibility of disconnection. Also, in a network game, certain traffic is distributed to voice communication, so when the signal level is low, it is quite possible that its speed will not be enough to transfer game data when trying to ensure uninterrupted voice communication. Also make sure that the internet wires are not damaged.

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