How to sew an envelope for a newborn?

Soon there will be an addition to your family. You have already prepared everything you need, you just have to choose something - for example, an envelope for a baby. Why not make it yourself? In the article we will tell you how to sew an envelope for a newborn, so that you have a truly unique thing that you cannot buy in any store. In addition, self-production of the envelope will allow you to sew such a product that will be the most suitable to your taste.

Required materials and training

First you need to decide which envelope you will sew: winter or summer, as well as the same or different from the face and inside out. On this basis, we select the appropriate material. If the sides of the envelope are the same, you need to buy a fabric about 150 cm wide, and a length of about 180-190 cm. For different sides, you will have to buy two different pieces of fabric. For the front side, the width is the same, and for the backside - from 100 to 140 cm. The length of both pieces should be 90-95 cm.We also need and synthetic winterizer, which is calculated depending on the required number of layers. You need to choose a rubber band with a length of 50 cm. There should be two lightning bolts: the usual one is 20�25 cm long and the split one is 50 cm long, and the latter can also be chosen with large teeth - this will look very nice. Well, and finally, we need a meter oblique backing.

Pattern envelope for a newborn

It is necessary to cut out a blanket and a pocket, making allowances for seams about 1.5 cm. As for the padding polyester, you need to prepare it in several layers (the number of which is at your discretion) according to the size of the blanket (usually 2-3 layers) and pocket (usually 1- 2 layers). Now mark the square on the top of the blanket - in this place you need to sew a pocket. Next, we draw a detachable zipper to any fabric (top or bottom) as desired. If you plan to the top, then the lock should look down, and if to the bottom, then vice versa - up. Then to the lower fabric you need to tack on a synthetic winterizer - large stitches. Further, the synthetic winterizer is taken to one of the pocket patterns, and the details of the pocket are folded face down. Now you need to stitch the folded pocket on the side in the place where the gum should be worn. Then you need to iron the blanket along the seam and, folding it in half, sew it at a distance of 2 cm from the edge.After that, you can insert the gum and sheathe open sections of the pocket with an oblique inlay. Bake you can buy, but you can make yourself to your liking. There is nothing complicated about this: cut the ribbons from the vending material along an oblique line and sew them to the required length.

Final details

Now to the upper side of the blanket you need to sew a pocket, fold the ready-made parts of the blanket face to face and sweep and stitch them. At the same time leave about 20 cm below the pocket under the pocket. Through this hole, then remove the blanket and stitch it with a secret stitch. It is necessary to carefully smooth out the edges of the blanket, since the synthetic winterizer does not tolerate a fever and sits down. All that is left for us is to make a few stitches through (like a quilt) and remove all the marks that can be seen. That's all, it remains to learn how to use the envelope, which is not so difficult.

Envelopes for newborns: photo

Here we will give you links to good photographs of envelopes and patterns of patterns. In fact, the envelope drawing patterns on the Internet are sufficient and, to be sure of this, it is enough to type in the search a simple query: �envelope pattern�.

However, not every scheme is simple and clear. Good schemes for the envelope pattern are presented here and here. And this link will also teach you how to use the envelope if you don�t know or have forgotten it. Well, now you have all the information on how to sew an envelope for a newborn. Health and good luck to you and your baby!

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