How to ski?

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How to ski?

One of the most popular winter sports in our country was and remains skiing. The climate in most regions of Russia allows skiing in winter not only on specialized tracks, but also simply in the nearest park or forest. In this article we will tell you how to ski, what you will have to learn at first, as well as what equipment you will need.

Ski equipment

Let's start with the last question, namely: what is necessary to have for skiing. Previously, everyone rode on ordinary wooden skis, which were heavy and didn’t slide well in the snow. As production technology developed, skis with a special plastic coating first appeared, and then skis made entirely from plastic. Complete with skis are special ski poles, also made of plastic.

On skis there are special mounts that help attach skis to shoes. At the moment, most skis are designed to be attached to special ski boots, so you will probably have to get a pair of new shoes.

In addition, you will need to choose clothes that are comfortable for skiing.You must have warm winter pants, socks, underwear, top - a T-shirt or a T-shirt, a jacket and a warm jacket. Do not forget the hat and gloves. If possible, preference should be given to clothing made from light, natural materials. In addition, such clothing should allow your skin to breathe, as due to significant physical exertion your skin will sweat. If you are afraid of getting sick, get a special thermal underwear, which is intended for those who spend a lot of time on the street in winter. You can buy it in a sports store, and in some lingerie stores.

You also probably heard about special ski salves that facilitate gliding. There are many types of ointments and methods of their application, depending on the external conditions and style that you skate. The most popular are:

  • Imported - Swix, Rex, Briko;
  • Domestic - Ray, MVIS, Whisty.

It is best to consult with the seller in the store before buying a ski salve.

Skiing technique

There are two main types of skiing: skiing and cross-country skiing. Each of them has its own characteristics and technique.In this article we will focus on how to cross-country skiing.

There are two styles of cross-country skiing: classic (traditional) and ridge (free).

Classic style

In the classical style of skating, all muscle groups are involved, both lower (thighs and buttocks) and upper (especially the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms).

First, consider how to ski in a classic style:

  • The stepless ski run is used on a gentle slope or on a plain. You will need to slightly bend the legs at the knees, make a synchronous wave with both hands and, pushing off the sticks from the ground, move forward. You do not need to stop and wait until you stop moving - barely pushing off, repeat the movement with sticks again and continue the movement with acceleration. Each time you will drive an increasing distance.
  • Another technique involves a single-step simultaneous move. In this case, you will need to re-take the starting position with your knees bent, push the ski poles into the ground, but at the same time try to push off with one foot from the ground as you push when running, putting it on the toe.During the push with sticks, one leg goes forward, and after it you continue to slide with both feet on the surface. In order not to get tired, in the process of sliding, change your legs: push your right foot then your left foot.
  • Alternating course is used to climb the slopes. In this course, you will need to alternately push forward and push with your left hand and foot, then with your right. After pushing away, try to drive one foot as far as possible ahead, and only then push again.


Now consider how to ski skate. This style of riding more strengthens the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh and side.

The ridge can be under one foot, and maybe under both legs. In both cases, you will need to write out the Christmas tree with your feet, alternately pushing it with one foot, then with both feet alternately. Starting position: The knees are slightly bent, the body is tilted forward, towards the supporting ski. Stick during the push should be put as far forward as possible and push them energetically. The one-leg skate stroke allows for greater speed and is used on the climbs, but it is more tedious.

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