How to speed up the megaphone modem

If you want to maximize the speed of loading web pages, you need to use specialized services for data compression. When using these services, all pages that you view are pre-sent to the server, where they are compressed, and then sent to your computer. Pre-disable the download of images and applications in the settings of your browser - so you minimize downloading unnecessary content.
You can also use the special Opera mini browser. Its peculiarity is that when the pages are loaded, the information is sent to the server, where it is compressed, and then sent to your computer. You can also disable downloading images, as well as java and flash applications. Keep in mind that to install this browser you will need a java emulator. Download and install it, then launch the browser.
In order to maximize download speed when using a download manager, follow a few simple conditions.First of all, turn off the torrent and downloads acting on other managers. Set the maximum number of active downloads to one, and also set the maximum priority. Disable all programs that are currently downloading updates and disable all instant messengers, such as skype and icq.
If you want to maximize download speed when using a torrent client, set the maximum upload speed to one. Follow the same recommendations as in the previous step - download only one file, but with maximum priority and without loading the Internet access channel both by surfing the web and downloading files using other programs.

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