How to squeeze acne at home


Before you squeeze a pimple, you need to determine if it is in that condition when it can be done. Over time, acne becomes white, which indicates that pus has accumulated under the skin. It is at this point that they can be safely squeezed out. Do not try to get rid of red acne. This may result in the appearance of scars and scars. In addition, there is a high probability of various infections getting into the wound. Removing these scars can bring a lot of pain.
As soon as the pimple is ready for extrusion, prepare the necessary tools. You will need a cotton swab, alcohol, wide dishes with boiling water and sterile gloves. In addition, you will need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap. It is important to prevent infections through them.


Squeezing pimple involves opening the surface of the skin, which can lead to infection. To prevent this, you need to treat the area around the acne with alcohol. Dip a cotton swab in it and carefully wipe the skin with it, try not to press on the pimple itself so as not to damage it. After rubbing with alcohol, rinse the skin with warm water and dry with a clean, soft towel. Hold the pimple over the dishes with boiling water for a while. Evaporating steam will help to soften the skin, making the extrusion process more comfortable.


Squeezing pus from a pimple occurs through its top. Therefore, your task is to stimulate his movement in this direction. Wear clean gloves and put your fingers right at the base of the pimple. Lightly press down on this area, this should lead to the opening of the pimple and leakage of pus. If this does not happen, try changing the position of the fingers and repeat the process. Do not stop the massage of the skin around the pimple when the bulk of the pus is squeezed out. Under the skin may still be clots of pus, they also need to get rid of. However, be careful not to bleed from the wound.If this happens, stop your actions, otherwise scars and scars may occur.


Having finished squeezing pimple, you must carefully treat the resulting wound. Never touch her with your hands, even through gloves. Eliminate any chance of infection. Moisten a cotton swab or cotton swab in an antiseptic or alcohol solution and blot the wound.
If you do make contact with a dirty surface, you need to soak the wound with benzoyl peroxide. This solution helps to get rid of bacteria that may have entered the wound. There is a misconception that for these purposes you can use toothpaste. However, in reality, this tool can do more harm than good.

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