How to start caring for a girl

Do not immediately push the girl with the proposal of the hand and heart. It will just scare her away. To get started, just introduce yourself and start a conversation on topics that are always interesting to discuss. For example, about studying at the institute, news of film distribution or music genres. In the first conversation, try to find out what the lady like especially like.
Get the girl's mobile number. This can be done under the pretext that you need to consult with her about something. Everyone loves, when recognize his merits and listen to the opinion. The girl will be flattered that you perceive her as an expert in any field, and she is unlikely to refuse you.
Call the girl the day after the conversation so that the memories of meeting you will not be erased from her memory. Ask if you are distracting her from important matters. Start a conversation on the subject of interest beloved. Their list you need to find out when you first communicate.Listen more, let the girl develop a thought, do not interrupt. Be sure to thank you for your time and try to make a date to continue the exciting discussion.
Pay particular attention to appearance when preparing for the first date. Girls, and not only, always meet on clothes. And no matter how interesting the person you later turned out to be, dirty shoes and the smell from the mouth will scare people away from you even at the greeting stage. Therefore, devote to personal hygiene is not five minutes, but at least half an hour. Clean clothes, tidy your hair. Go to the meeting with a bouquet of flowers.

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