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How to Stay Safe on Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a great website for children. The game includes various games and activities that allow children to have fun while learning about animals and their environment. However, Animal Jam allows you to interact with other players through chatting. Animal Jam encourages children to safe online but many children don't understand the importance of this rule and ignore it. Start with Step 1 to learn how to stay safe on Animal Jam.


  1. Read the before creating an account.Ensure that you understand and accept everything. This policy is updated often. Information such as age, birthday, gender and what they say in chat is collected to improve their products and services. Use a parent's email address if you are under 13 years of age. Ask for permission first.
  2. Consider purchasing merchandise and in-game goods with real money verycarefully.Details such as your name, credit card number, billing address and purchases are collected for marketing purposes. Information may be shared with third parties if required by law. If you wish not to give out your details, don't purchase anything on the website. Understand that any website that offers "free membership" or "free diamonds" on Animal Jam will most probably give you a virus. If you are unsure, ask yourself "Do I really want to give out my or my parent's payment details?" Things available to purchase include:
    • Special memberships. They are used frequently by many and are used to obtain extras to the game that are exclusive to normal members. There are three plans to purchase a special membership. For one month, it will cost .95, six months, .95 and twelve months .95. These come with diamonds and/or gems to use in-game.
    • In-game packs. These can include diamonds and gems. Diamonds and gems are used to buy clothes for your animal character in the game. You can only get diamonds by purchasing them, using a limited code and by winning the daily spin. Gems are obtained by completing games and various activities.
    • Merchandise. Clothing and accessories such as jumpers, hats, bags, mouse pads, soft toys and wristbands are available. Sometimes there are specials offers where the prices are reduced by around 10%.
  3. Don't use your first or last name when creating an account.Many children like to use their first name in usernames, however, because of this, their name may already be take due to the popularity of this game. This may encourage them to put their last name in too. Try using a favourite word or phrase with a couple of numbers instead. Avoid putting your year of birth or age in your username.
  4. Protect your password.Nobody should know your password except a trusted adult. Don't save the password on a computer or stick it somewhere for everyone to see. Write it down in a diary and keep it safe. Although Animal Jam asks for a password six characters in length, try using a longer one. Avoid using a name or word for your password. Special characters, lowercase, uppercase and numbers combined make an excellent password.
  5. Lock your den to prevent random strangers entering.Other people online may want to get into your den to pester you. Strangers may want to get into your den to talk to you privately about personal information. Turn on your doorbell so you know when a buddy enters your den. Locking your den will only allow buddies to access it. If you wish not to lock your den, report them and tell them you wish not to discuss these things.
  6. Be careful of who you make buddies with.Don't make it into a competition where you have to get the most buddies. Make buddies with a real life friend or relative. If you really want to be buddies with someone you don't know, make sure they are trustworthy.
  7. Limit or avoid it.Only chat or roleplay about things in-game (e.g. favourite piece of clothing; animals and pets; games; adventures etc.). Animal Jam isn't a social media website and should not be used as one. Don't give out social media details either. Your buddies on Animal Jam should stay on Animal Jam. Instead, try roleplaying or going on adventures with others. Your parent has access to turn off self chat through their email. This will restrict you from talking but you still will be able to use emoticons and bubble chat.
  8. Play in a world with many people.This will prevent others from trying to talk to you alone. Look for worlds with at least two green dots next to it. Even though some worlds say "Full", you are still able to get into them -- it will just have lots of people.
  9. Take the Online Safety Quiz on Animal Jam.This is found in the Conservation Museum in Appondale. If you receive full marks, you will obtain the Online Safety Plaque. You'll be able to hang this up on a wall in your den. Encourage your buddies to do the quiz too.

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How to Stay Safe on Animal Jam
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Discussion on this topic: How to Stay Safe on Animal Jam, how-to-stay-safe-on-animal-jam/
Discussion on this topic: How to Stay Safe on Animal Jam, how-to-stay-safe-on-animal-jam/ , how-to-stay-safe-on-animal-jam/

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