How to stop the flow in the pipe

You will need
  • - bicycle camera
  • - clamps
  • - wire
  • - bandage
  • - cold welding
If possible, shut off the water supply. Wipe the pipe dry and determine the exact position of the site of the breach.
More oftenflowoccurs in threaded pipe joints with fittings, elbows or tees. To eliminate it in these places, wind the rubber from a bicycle or car camera near the place of leakage as tightly as possible. Apply one hose clamp to the fitting and directly to the pipe.
If the previous step did not help to cope with the problem, use a special bandage of factory production. Only instead of the rubber band, which is included in the plumbing repair kit, take a piece of rubber from the camera and wind it in order to compensate for the difference in the diameters of the connected elements.
Secure the winding with a clip. Do not pay attention to some unevenness of its installation, despite this, the junction will be securely fixed, andflow- stopped.
If the hole appeared on the verypipeWrap the hole tightly with a piece of rubber chamber. Secure it onpipeusing clamps or wire. At the same time, place one clamp in place of the leak, and two - on the sides of it.
You can close the hole with a bandage. To do this, attach it topipeso that it covers it around the perimeter. Pull off the structure with bolts.
Use cold welding to eliminate leakage. Cut a piece of material. Moisten hands with water and knead the lump until a uniform plastic mass is formed. Notice that it should become sticky. Apply the mass to the pipe.
Pressing, smooth the material until it sticks to the surface of the pipe. Then press down the applied layer and keep it in this state for 20 minutes until it hardens. After three hours, the mass finally grabs.
At the end of the heating season, be sure to replace the pipe section in which theflow.

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