How to strengthen the immune system

Immunity helps to preserve the summer supply of strength and health. But even a strong immune system can surrender under the influence of autumnal cold and stress. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that with the onset of autumn strengthen the immune system.
How to strengthen the immune system of an adult
How to strengthen the immune system of an adult

First signs

Signs of a weakened immune system, in the event of which it is worth contacting a specialist:

  1. Raid on the tongue

  2. Pressure drop

  3. Drowsiness or, on the contrary, insomnia

  4. Constant weakness

  5. Malaise

  6. Chills

  7. Fast fatiguability

  8. Muscle and joint aches

  9. Headache

The body is attacked

At a later level of immunosuppression, various “sores” endlessly overwhelm when not a single infection, not a single virus passes. For example, herpes on the lips, fever, susceptibility to yeast infections are not just “small sores”, this is evidence that the body has a malfunction and urgent measures are needed to heal and improve immunity. And you need to focus your attention not on the next cold or wound on the lip - you need to take comprehensive measures.

Last stage

At the last - critical - stage of weakening of the immune system, chronic diseases and complications appear. Here, fragile exfoliating nails, sallow complexion, scaly cracked skin, dull split hair become signs of weakened immunity.

The best remedy - prevention: medical advice

September 22, 2009Jana Tank

I didn't learn anything new for myself ((

So after all, our organisms "are nothing new" for the last thousand years. ;)

Sometimes it is not necessary to learn new things, but to structure the knowledge that we possess!


Well, improving immunity ( - the task is very difficult and complex. Especially if the immune system is weakened since childhood. In order to strengthen it, you will have to quit all bad habits, switch to a healthy diet and, in general, change your lifestyle - and not everyone decides on this. People suffer from diseases, although they could live happily ever after. It would seem, well, so hard to pour cold water in the morning? :) After all, it takes 5 seconds - and no one does ...

Thank you, interesting article! We ourselves suffered before, we were sick almost every month ((Now we drink licopid (1mg) already the second course this year, we have been sick less often, thanks to our doctor for advising me! And we were sick mainly because of the garden, by the way,forever from someone picked up something ((

Good advice, everything is correctly written.

I go to the pool, drink cranberry juice, constantly eat fruit, dairy products, in the fall I always drink two weeks anaferon for additional protection from the flu. It almost ceased to hurt, although in the office there is always some kind of sneezing hotbed with a handkerchief in hand))

Anaferon nonsense nonsense, placebo pure water. There is nothing, no active ingredients in the composition, nor proven effectiveness. It is better and true to drink licopid, it has at least proven cases of efficiency, and quite a lot. Yes, and it seems to me he helps, took a few months ago, since then, even a hint of the disease was not.

2Woomee, I can not pass by, and from me, plus Lykopid!) Domestic, inexpensive, proven, I have long tried myself;) I usually buy 1mg of packaging, when I start to fear for my health ... well, who doesn’t get sick at work - sneezes accidentally, or in the fall, this cough will start now in public transport and snot everywhere ..

Little is written in the article ... From myself I can say that Healthy nutrition is a guarantee of health, and regular hand washing.Most people fall ill precisely because of poor hygiene. If you drove by transport, it is better to wash your hands immediately at the first opportunity, it is banal to rub your eyes and get sick.

I can’t say anything about Anaferon, but I also accept Likopid in the winter-spring period, and in the Summer when I go to the river or to the sea. Through the water is also not sickly you can pick up something

In order to know how to strengthen the immunity of an adult, it is rather careful about his health and not to strain the body in winter.

all essentially from myself I can add more nasal flushing, because all these viruses attack from the nose. With the whole family we wash our noses with Moranazal Immuno, which fights viruses and boosts immunity. So we do not get sick, it has already been checked repeatedly, even in the season of the flu epidemic we did not get sick.

It was interesting for me to strengthen my immunity ... Initially, there were skin problems, so I took colonotherapy courses until I got a result that was more or less satisfactory to me. So, on the way, I noticed that Orvi also started visiting me less often. It turns out that there really is a connection between the work of the stomach, namely the intestine, and immunity. And this connection is very serious.And yes, plus about lavacol, here the girl wrote about him, I also tried it a couple of times, and the effect is not worse than from the colon ... So I recommend - you will not only beautiful and slim, but also stop all sorts of colds!

Immunity cannot be strengthened with one thing, I am sure that we need to act comprehensively, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, be sure to eat garlic and onions in the diet, I drink simple water for at least two liters, I try to walk whenever possible, for example, after work I’m two stops walk better walk than a bus ride. Now she has also started to follow the intestines so that there are no constipations, periodically I take lavacol, it does not touch a good microflora, and removes all slags, because the immune system greatly depends on the work of the intestine.

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