How to stretch text in word

The second way to stretch text in Word is to expand the line spacing. To do this, select all or part of the text, right-click on it and in the drop-down menu select the Paragraph command. In the center of the new settings window, you will see the "Interval" field. Fill in the values ​​of the special fields, and the text in the document will stretch across the page. You can also specify indent values ​​in this settings window.text, if for some reason the movement of the sliders along the ruler did not give the desired result.
The third way to stretch text in Word is to format the font itself so that it becomes wider while maintaining the same size. To do this, select the text you want to stretch, open the drop-down list of commands using the right mouse button and go to the Font parameter. In the window that appears, click the "Interval" tab. In the parameter with the same name, select “Sparse” and, if necessary, in the field next to, set a specific value for sparsity. Click OK.

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