How to successfully choose a bathroom faucet

"We are not rich enough to buy cheap things" - this motto is quite applicable to the choice of the bathroom faucet, since the savings on it will certainly affect in the future the usability of it.
First, decide what should be the way to manage water. There are two options: two-valve (with separate handles for hot and cold water) and single lever (the balance of hot and cold water is achieved by moving towards one handle).
We recommend, if possible, choose a single-lever mixer, the main reasons:
1. The flow of water opens much faster.
2. Easy control of water temperature, no need to constantly adjust the flow of water to the desired temperature.
3. Single lever mechanism is much slower to wear during operation. This is due to the unique design of the crane box (valve head). It is made of durable ceramics and does not abrade, unlike rubber gaskets in valve faucets.
Never buy faucets of dubious production, even if they look very beautiful. It is better to buy a faucet of a well-known reputable brand, otherwise the mixer will have to be changed every six months - Chinese crafts are too short-lived.
Pay attention to the presence of a coarse filter - it is a thin mesh, which is located inside the faucet (usually put on its end) and retains rust and other dirt, which is quite a lot in city water. In Chinese mixers, such a grid is usually not, so its presence may be one of the hallmarks of the quality of the mixer.
Before choosing a bathroom faucet, pay attention to the materials. If silumin (an alloy of aluminum and silicon (Al-Si)) is part of the mixer, you can be sure that such a mixer most likely will not last six months.
The most high-quality material is nickel-plated chrome-plated brass: it is strength, beauty and quality in one bottle.
By the way, the quality of the mixer can be recognized by weight - a good mixer will be much heavier than its Chinese fake.
And the last - each mixer tap must be equipped with a nozzle-aerator.This device performs two functions: it holds mechanical particles of dirt and also saves water.
That's all. We wish you a successful choice of bathroom faucet!

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