How to take the run correctly: 30 steps to the result

  1. Act instead of thinking. You already know what to do - go ahead! Stop planning!
  2. Be always on guard, be prepared for anything. When the mind is constantly working, time slows down its pace.
  3. Working just for the money is a very bad idea. Sometimes they can only spoil you as a person. Strive for more — spiritual success and fulfillment.
  4. Eternal discontent with the result is the key to success.
  5. Keep everything under control. Rely on instincts and instincts - they will not fail.
  6. Be honest with yourself.
  7. Do not relax. See item 2.
  8. Do not be afraid to fall if you climb too high. In any case, you will win: either success or experience.
  9. Let others be equal to you, not you to them.
  10. Always learn!
  11. Success is never complete. Always strive to get more.
  12. Be prepared to test success and do not let it break you. Sometimes being powerful and rich is harder than a poor and “small” person.
  13. If you are defeated, take the maximum.
  14. Do not chat in vain.Let the results of your work speak for you.
  15. Work on stress tolerance and psychological climate in your head.
  16. Remember that self-confidence can be a decisive tool on the road to success.
  17. Surround yourself with people with whom you can look to the future, not those who are reminiscent of the past.
  18. Letting go of the past, do not forget about it.
  19. Set as specific goals as possible.
  20. Instead of weighing and thinking about the situation, respond to it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, miss the moment. Better wrong decision in time than right, but too late.
  21. Simplify.
  22. Instead of envying other people's victories, rejoice in them.
  23. Catch every chance. Every unused chance is tantamount to failure.
  24. Pay more attention to the process of work, rather than the final result.
  25. Always do more than you can.
  26. The greater the goal, the greater the chance of getting into it. Do not complain that you are too hard. Success is worth it.
  27. Take time to complete rest.
  28. Do not wait until you are ready. Act now.
  29. Do not do anything if you need approval from outside.
  30. And the last thing: never let yourself descend. Do not make exceptions.Never for anything. Otherwise it will turn into a vicious circle, and you can say goodbye to success.

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